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‘The Blacklist’ Season 9: Are Fans Finally Ready for the Series to End?

The Blacklist has had quite a long run. The series first premiered in 2013, introducing the world to Raymond “Red” Reddington and Elizabeth Keen. Fans fell in love with the show and with James Spader. Now, nearly a decade later, The Blacklist Season 9 is in full swing. Some fans are excited to watch the series as long as it’s on the air. Others are finally ready for The Blacklist to end.

The Blacklist’ has changed a lot over the years

The Blacklist Season 9 is definitely a lot different from the series that fans were introduced to eight years ago. Creator Jon Bokenkamp left the show after season 8. Long-time star Megan Boone also left the series after her character, Liz Keen, was killed off in the season 8 finale.

With the departure of these two major players, it seems like The Blacklist might be running out of threads to pull from. The storyline of Red’s identity has been going on for a while, and there isn’t much point to it without Liz anyway. That’s not to say that the show couldn’t answer the question of Red’s identity, but some fans are ready to just call it quits.

Some fans hope ‘The Blacklist’ Season 9 will be the last

The Blacklist has not yet been confirmed for season 10, and some fans are fine with that. “Season 9 of The Blacklist should be the final season to end the series,” a fan wrote on Reddit.

“Even if a new era of The Blacklist begins, it doesn’t matter. Megan Boone is leaving after season 8 and her story is being written out. There’s not much left of the stories in Red’s world after season 8.”

Others went as far as to say that The Blacklist Season 9 shouldn’t have even happened. “I think that season 8 should have been the end,” a Reddit user said. “Most people do watch the show because of Spader, but they will most likely lose viewers by Megan Boone deciding to leave.”

However, that’s not to say that all fans are ready for the series to end. Some fans are actually happy that The Blacklist Season 9 is the first without Liz Keen. “I think the series can go on and be better than ever. I think the Liz story weighed the series down,” a Reddit user said. Season 9 is certainly different, and there are fans who appreciate the change of pace.

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