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Home and Away spoilers shock death in season finale

Home and Away spoilers follow from the Australian season finale episode, which some UK viewers may prefer to avoid.

Home and Away has seemingly killed off another character in the Australian season finale episode.Show bosses had teased that the final episode of the year in Australia would include a murder that no one saw coming Chloe Anderson villainous father Matthew Montgomery James Sweeney was the character who didn’t survive the night, as a dramatic showdown outside the Para ta house went horribly wrong.This week episodes saw Chloe’s mum Mia Anna Samson bravely confide in her daughter about her traumatic past with Matthew.

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Matthew raped Mia when they were younger, which is how Chloe was conceived.After hearing the truth, Chloe Sam Barrett supported her mum and made it clear to Matthew that she wanted nothing more to do with him. Chloe had spent the previous few weeks bonding with Matthew after he made a surprise arrival in the Bay.Matthew refused to accept Chloe’s decision and harassed her outside the Parana house, visibly agitated as he demanded a chance to explain himself.Mia interrupted the row and tried to get Chloe to go inside, but Matthew blocked their way to prevent this.

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When Matthew then grabbed Mia and shouted in her face, branding her a liar and manipulator, Chloe panicked and grabbed a nearby brick.Chloe hit Matthew over the head with the brick, sending him crashing to the ground. As Mia rushed to check on him, she was alarmed to realist that he had no pulse.Mia immediately took control of the situation by moving Matthew body into the boot of the family car. She urged Chloe to go inside and pretend that the incident had never happened.Mia drove out of Summer Bay at high speed with Matthew in the boot, but her erratic behavior quickly caught the attention of Cash Newman Nicholas Cartwright, who gave chase in his police new man in home and away

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Although Mia briefly stopped and considered facing Cash, she realized that she looked too suspicious as she had Matthew’s blood visible on her clothes.The season ended with Mia driving off again and Cash following at high speed.Meanwhile Miss partner Ari Parana Rob Kip Williams returned home and was concerned to find a clearly-traumatized Chloe on the sofa.

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The shock turn of events came shortly after Ari had proposed to Mia and she’d accepted. But will Matthew’s death mean they don’t get their happy ending?

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