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Below Deck: Why Fans Still Love Ben Robinson’s Galley Talk Appearances

Below Deck Galley Talk features appearances by Chef Ben Robinson, and viewers love his commentary, as well as his friendship with Kate Chaitin.

On Below Deck Galley Talk, fans are enjoying Chef Ben Robinson’s insights, and viewers are thrilled that he’s returned to the Below Deck franchise via the after show. The series features former cast members from the Bravo franchise as they view and discuss episodes from the past nine years. The yachting sit down together and break down old and new episodes that are the most popular with viewers. Ben and former chief stew Kate Chaitin usually film together, since the pair live in close proximity to each other.

Since Below Deck Galley Talk began airing in January, fans have been enjoying the commentary from alums. The seasoned reality stars aren’t afraid to express their opinions, even if their viewpoints aren’t exactly popular. Besides giving guests a chance to say what they think, the series usually focuses on former franchise celebs having a laugh and just enjoying the show. In general, viewers love watching Below Deck Galley Talk because so many alums weigh in on the franchise, but lately, fans have been enjoying Chef Ben the most. The former yacht chef clearly loves the attention he has been receiving due to the show, as he’s been promoting the series more often lately.

On Ben Instagram, he posted more than one sneak peek from the many episodes over the past few months. Chef Ben, who has quite the dating history, has been sharing his appearances on the show a lot more since Below Deck Mediterranean season 6 began airing over the summer. The after show started becoming more popular with the fans when the former yachting began discussing this past Below Deck Med season. Viewers really enjoyed seeing Ben back on their TV screens, rekindling his bond with Kate. See Ben’s post below:

One fan wrote in the comment section, sharing how thankful they were for Below Deck Galley Talk and how they had missed seeing Ben and Kate together. During the early Below Deck seasons, Ben and Kate were iconic castrates. They had witty exchanges in the galley and always seemed to get along, despite Ben’s outbursts. The pair even admitted to having a romantic rendezvous in the past. Ben and Kate, who praised Lauren Cohen’s new job, have always been two of the most popular cremates from the franchise, so viewers were excited to see this dynamic duo back together.

Since the after-show began airing again, Ben has been very responsive on his Instagram posts. He interacts with his fans by commenting back with emojis as often as he can. The viewers have missed Ben on their screens, and feel that his appearances on the gossipy series are giving them a taste of what they miss about Ben during his Below Deck days.Overall, viewers have been enjoying Chef Ben on the after show because they wish he was still cooking  and stirring up drama  on Below Deck. He was one of the best chefs the franchise has seen, and he’s always offered the best commentary in his confessionals. Hopefully, Ben, who wont return to Below Deck, continues appearing on Below Deck Galley Talk, because fans can’t get enough of the reality TV legend.

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