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The Masters of the Universe: Revelation Line Kevin Smith Never Thought He Could Get Away With

This Masters of the Universe: Revelation article contains spoilers for the first episode of Part 2.

All hope seems lost for the good guys in the first episode of Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 2. Adam and Tesla have returned home but Skeleton isn’t far behind. The sky turns a horrific purple and he appears out of it, empowered by He-Man’s stolen sword. The heroes that were left at the palace realize their time without their most evil foe is at an end. The heroic Herniate known as Fist o steps forth, raises his fist toward Skeleton and says, dead serious, I’d sure like to fist him.It’s a moment that takes you completely off guard, even in a show that meant for adults. Everything leading to it as serious and dramatic as the rest of Masters of the Universe Revelation. The line isn’t meant as a record scratch kinda joke, it played as if this is a completely normal and intimidating thing for Fist o to say. Nobody gives him a look like, really, dude

Kevin Smith is extremely proud of this line, all the more so because it wasn’t in the script.

I knew it wouldn’t make it past the script stage,Smith says.Someone would be like, take it out.However, when recording long time podcast collaborator Ralph German as Fist o Smith could n t help but ask him to say the line even if he assumed it wouldn’t make it into the final cut.And it made it all the way through Smith joyously says.The flip of the double entente was just so sweet. It’s something we borrowed from the internet. For years the internet has been taking Fist o and kind of having a good time with him.

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