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The 5 Best Vampire Diaries Couples, According To Reddit

The Vampire Diaries featured many couples; from the popular and divisive Delena and Stelena to sweet Benzo, but which ships did fans on Reddit love?

Fans of the show gather on social media and platforms like Reddit, where they share their opinions about it, the characters, and what they loved and hated about both. The Vampire Diaries is no different and there are several threads discussing the best couples on the show and what they loved about them.

Jeremy & Anna

In a show where death was prevalent, it’s no surprise that some love stories ended tragically. Jeremy’s relationship with Anna, especially, seemed doomed from the start. Despite that, their relationship eventually evolved into something real, which some fans enjoyed, like Reddit user Kristastic who believed “she would have been good for Jeremy in the long run.”

Tragedy was a big part of their lives, making theirs one of the shortest relationships on The Vampire Diaries, especially after Anna’s demise. Even though she was a ghost, Jeremy still had strong feelings for her and she was his only uncomplicated girlfriend unlike his awkward relationships with Vicki and Bonnie.

Bonnie & Enzo

Bonnie and Enzo had a rocky start, but later their relationship was one of the best ones on the show even though it lasted a short time. kittyong_ said “their love was so pure and gentle,” and based on the comments on the post, some fans agreed.

Although the pairing seemed like it came out of the blue, fans loved their relationship and many were heartbroken when Enzo died. Both of them lost their family and bonded over their tragic pasts and loneliness and it was heartwarming to see them help each other heal and experience true love, right until the tragic end.

Caroline & Klaus

Caroline dated several people, from her disturbing dalliance with Damon to her sweet and tragic marriage to Stefan. However, most fans believed she and Klaus were the perfect match, even though he was one of the biggest villains The Vampire Diaries’ characters faced. In a post highlighting this pairing as their favorite couple, MoniqueLombardo said they “loved that we got to see a different, compassionate side of Klaus.”

Although their relationship didn’t get much development on the show, the snippets shown were enough to highlight that they had great chemistry. Klaus was a formidable villain, but with Caroline, he was gentle and kind, which was such a contrast to what the other characters saw of him. They’re one of the most popular couples on the show, despite having the least screen time together.

Stefan & Elena

The epic love story between Stefan and Elena was one of the first relationships on the show and lasted a couple of seasons. A majority of the TVD fandom is divided between Elena with Stefan and with Damon with Stelena fans like Reddit user throwawaysiak called them “the core relationship of the show from start to finish.”

Their relationship kicked off the story and was the core of many major storylines on the show; from the rivalry and reconciliation between the Salvatore brothers to the many doppelgangers that kept popping up on the show. Most fans loved the couple because Stefan always had Elena’s best interests at heart, especially with the cure and while they didn’t end up together, their friendship was also a beautiful one.

Damon & Elena

Damon’s relationship with Elena had a complicated start as he fell in love with her while she was dating his brother. When they eventually got together, fans on Reddit were divided with some loving the couple while others didn’t. Reddit user luvprue1 “they felt like more of a couple than Stefan and Elena did.”

Several discussions on Reddit argue over whether Damon and Elena’s relationship was toxic. They had a great build-up over a number of seasons, which is a major aspect of their relationship that fans loved, and while they sometimes brought out the worst of each other, they had some good moments too.

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