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Supernatural: 5 Unpopular Opinions About Castiel, According To Reddit

Supernatural fans on Reddit have many unpopular opinions about Castiel that most would not agree with. Here are a few of their hot takes.

For 12 years, alongside Sam and Dean Winchester and between seasons 3 and 15 of Supernatural, Castiel was the angel on their (more Dean’s) shoulders, who quickly became one of the show’s best and most beloved characters following his epic introduction.

Castiel Is Overrated

In general, Castiel sits with Crowley and Bobby in the running for third best and most popular Supernatural character, behind Sam and Dean, but Redditor Titivillus says Cas is overrated.

They state simply, “Castiel’s character is vastly overrated” before talking about his poor arcs in the show. It is not unpopular to say Cas’ writing was inadequate or that Sam and he should have had more time on screen together, but saying he is overrated will not sit well with dedicated Cas fans.

He Is More Of A Burden To Sam & Dean

The road to hell is paved with good intentions is a saying that fits nobody better than Castiel, who always tries to do good, but often ends up causing severe damage. Redditor Mr-eXotiCz believes he became a burden for the boys.

They say that Cas is their favorite character and that they are ” just mad at the writers tbh.” They believe he went from badass to a character who caused Sam and Dean nothing but trouble. While this is partly true, calling Cas a burden to the boys when he helps them so much and has such a loving relationship with them may be somewhat harsh.

Cas Misunderstanding Things For Comic Relief Is Old

One of the funniest running jokes in Supernatural is Castiel’s constant confusion and inability to understand human nature and pop culture. And Redditor Supes2005 does not like this. They say that the joke “gets old after season 8.”

Of course, humor is subjective, and it is understandable to get sick of the well of confused Cas moments. But for most fans, these are some of Castiel’s most memorable and hilarious moments, even beyond season 8.

He Deserves A Happy Ending More Than Sam & Dean

For 15 years, fans begged for a happy ending for the Winchester boys who suffered so much and did so much good throughout their life. But Redditor LightMercy believes that Cas was more deserving.

They “think he deserves a happy ending more than anyone.” While fans do wish Cas got a happy ending – something that appears to have happened with his rebuilding of heaven with Jack – most fans would say he deserved it just as much as Sam and Dean, not more than them.

He Should Only Have Been In A Few Episodes

Originally, according to Cheatsheet, Castiel was only penned for a few episodes. He became so loved so quickly that his role grew into one over a decade old. But Redditor AllWhiteInk hates Cas and does not think his role should have lasted one year, never mind 12. They state, “He shouldn’t have been on Supernatural beyond the few episodes he was meant for.”

No matter the quality of Cas’ arcs from season 6-8 onwards, most fans agree they are glad Cas stuck around at least to season 5, if not all the way to season 15. Few actually think the show was wrong to keep him past his originally scheduled few episodes.

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