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Riverdale Season 6 Who Will Die Next

We’re only two episodes into Riverdale Season 6’s five episode event, but it’s already clear this is gonna be a bloodbath. The good news is that it’s set in the alternate universe town of RiverVALE so chances are all your favorites will be back to life by the time the series returns to normal well mostly normal in March, 2022. But before that.Who’s going to die next on Riverdale.A brief bit of recap before we start laying out heads on the chopping block. In the Season 6 premiere, titled “Welcome to Rivervale Archie Andrews KJ Apa was trussed up to an altar by the rest of the town and ritualistically had his heart cut out. Don’t worry, it was for a good cause the town’s maple trees were shriveling up, and the women including Betty Cooper Lili Reinhart were barren.Though Archie wasn’t a huge fan of dying for everyone’s maple syrup and babies, it happened, and when Episode 2 picked up, Archie was still totally dead. Not only that, everyone was still very supportive of his sacrifice.That wasn’t the end of the death and destruction, though. Episode 2, titled Ghost Stories found Toni Topaz Vanessa Morgan battling a vengeful ghost named La Llorona. Summoned from the watery depths of the Sweetwater River by Darla Dickinson Azura Skye after Toni accidentally killed Darla’s son, the specter started attacking the children of the town, and even stole Bettys fetus. You know the one she helped kill Archie for Cest la vie in Rivervale, I guess.

At the end of Episode 2, Toni confronted La Llorona at the Sweetwater while the latter was trying to take her baby and drown him. Knowing she couldn’t stop La Llorona, she instead proposed a trade: take all that pain and anguish, and put it on Toni instead. La Llorona agreed, freeing herself from her curse, and passing it to Toni, who handed her baby to Betty and headed into the Sweetwater herself.So, two episodes, two major deaths and chances are we’re not done yet. With that in mind and with not a lot of info to go on let’s speculate about which RiverVALE resident will bite it next.
Reggie Mantle

The past two episodes have given a lot of focus to Reggie Mantle’s Charles Melton downward spiral.The premiere had him feeling jealous and neglected by Veronica Lodge Camila Mendes while Episode 2 gave him a car haunted by the teacher who did not molest him in high school, but molested a lot of other children. Also his dad died.Anyway, Reggie is in a pretty dark place, and while we can’t posit the circumstances where this might happen, the next episode does introduce someone Reggie says is The Devil.There’s also something to be said for how the first two deaths have both been selfless sacrifices to save others even if Archie’s was unwilling so could Reggie make one last heroic gesture before getting dragged to literal Hell.
Veronica Lodge

Conversely, what if Veronica sacrifices herself for Reggie? Despite getting some of her motivations in the first two episodes, Veronica’s methods to help Reggie haven’t been the most constructive conking Archie on the head with a rock to prove she’s over him then destroying Reggie’s car to help him get over that molesting teacher.If she makes the ultimate sacrifice, perhaps that will prove once and for all that she is truly devoted to her Reggiekins.
Kevin Keller

Notably absent from the action of the past two episodes has been Kevin Keller Casey Cott who basically was phone service in the premiere, and then showed up in Episode 2 mostly to prompt Betty to come up with baby names.Mr Cypher looks to be a big one, though, complete with a classic Kevin musical performance, and as seen in the promo, he’s signing a contract with The Devil. He’s also spotted reconnecting with his old flame Fangs Fogarty Drew Ray Tanner who is now minus his co parent and relationship partner Toni, now that she’s a water ghost. It’s possible that devilish contract is about getting his life back Fangs his son, etc, etc. but contracts with the Devil also have a tendency to not end well. So Kevin may finally get the spotlight only to have a different kind of glow trained on him.I’m talking about HELLFIRE.
Fangs Fogarty

Speaking of Fangs, who probably sold his soul for that snazzy pink suit it seems possible he could die this episode. Maybe to join Toni in the underworld, maybe just because sorry Fangs he’s the most disposable character at this point. That said that might be what keeps him safe so far the Rivervale event is going BIG with its deaths, and Fangs again, sorry Fangs would seem like a minor death by comparison.
Betty Cooper

Okay very outside possibility here, but Betty is seemingly facing down with her arch nemesis, the Trash Bag Killer in this episode.Given that’s the dude who tortured her and has a predilection for chopping people up and stuffing them in trash bags its not a great position for Betty to be in. That said? Betty has been present whenever the previous person has died.So she might be safe, but keep your eye on whoever Ms. Cooper pairs up with next.

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