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How many episodes of season 11 of The Walking Dead

Season eleven of The Walking Dead will be the final for the series. Based on the comic book story created by Robert Kirkman the series has made a great run over the past 10 years. The first eight episodes of the final season ran from August 22 to October 10, 2021.How many episodes will the eleventh season consist of

As we enter the final season, there are a lot of loose ends that fans would like to see tied up. Carol and Daryl have been at odds for some time, and with the promise of a spin-off for these two how will they resolve their differences that will lead to their new story. Negan and Maggie are still at odds.Will this result in one of them being killed by the other or will they finally settle it And Rick will we ever see him in the series again.Its highly doubtful but would help the story come full circle. Those are just a few of the things fans would like to see resolved by the end.

The Walking Dead season 11, how many episodes
Overall the final season of The Walking Dead will consist of 24 episodes. The first eight have already aired on AMC and AMC and the series is currently on hiatus until season 11B begins on February 20, 2022.The remainder of the series will likely focus heavily on the Commonwealth.We have seen in the teaser that they will be coming to Alexandria. What does that mean for this already weakened community.Does Eugene give up the location And, what are their intentions with this community. The class system that is in place at the Commonwealth is something the majority of the main group will not be pleased about.We will also see the cliffhanger battle between Maggie Negan Elijah Gabe and Daryl and the Reapers. We were left with Leah ordering the hwacha to be readied and fired. I doubt we see any of the majors killed off, but perhaps Elijah will meet his doom.Fan reviews are mixed about part one of the season, but I have liked it so far. There are parts that have been drug out and things I still want answers to, but overall I think it is an excellent start to the end.The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 20 with episode 9 of season 11. This episode will be available to AMC subscribers on February 13.

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