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Chuck y Episode 7 Explains Why He & Tiffany Originally Broke Up

Warning: Contains spoilers for Chuck y episode 7.

New flashbacks in Chuck y episode 7 pushed Charles Lee Ray and Tiffany to the verge of breaking up retroactively explaining her absence in the original Child’s Play movies. Played to immense popularity by Jennifer Tilly, Tiffany Valentine made her debut in Bride of Chuck y. Revealing herself to be a lover of Chucks, she recovered his doll corpse from police evidence and resurrected him. In a short time, the turbulent nature of their relationship came to light as they rapidly descended into conflict. Chuck y himself got the last laugh, however, electrocuting Tiffany and trapping her soul in a doll body of her own.

After both meeting their ends in Bride of Chuck y, the duo once again alternated between love and hate when resurrected by Glen Glenda in Seed of Chuck. As seen right through to the events of Chuck y episode 7, Twice the Grieving, Double the Loss, his and Tiffany’s dynamic has remained stiltedly consistent to that pattern. In fact, the flashbacks peppered throughout the Chuck y episodes – with Fiona Dour if perfectly embodying Charles Lee Ray and Blaine Cr ocker taking over as Tiffany solidified that the couple has always been that way with only minimal honeymoon periods. Nonetheless, there was always something of a disconnect between how Chuck y was characterized in the original Child’s Play compared to what was established by the introduction of Tiffany a decade later.

Fortunately, with Chuck y episode 7, Twice the Grieving, Double the Loss,Don Mancini retroactively closed the gap on that disparity. Simultaneously, it continued the franchises trend of expanding the scope rather than relying on drastic recons. After Chuck y and Tiffany moved to Chicago, they soon hit a rocky patch. Going through their twisted version of catching a partner cheating, Tiff came home to find him murdering someone without her. It was then that she passionately lamented that it was supposed to be an us thing and that he never took her out for “a nice dinner and a murder anymore.With barely a care, Chuck y merely stated that he had a life outside of her and went out for the night.

Chuck y and Tiffany in a van after a kill.

Though the franchise’s Young Tiffany had been clearly oblivious to this other life, many viewers would know exactly what Young Chuck y was up to. This would have been right around the time that Young Charles would have been cultivating his obsession with Sarah Pierce which would ultimately lead to his being shot and the fateful soul transfer. By establishing that Chuck y and Tiffany were experiencing a rough patch upon relocating to Chicago, the Chuck y TV show quietly seeded them breaking up or taking a fiery hiatus shortly before those dramatic events. Equally, Chuck y was delving deeper into Voodoo alongside Eddie Maputo whose backstory was finally offered on Chucks and John Bishop a.k.a. Doctor Death. Chuck y keeping Tiffany and that hobby separate illuminated why she would later have to rely on Voodoo For Dummies.

The pair experiencing a coinciding lovers quarrel would also explain why Tiffany received nary a mention over the course of the original Child Play trilogy, even though her assistance could’ve been useful in Chucks vengeful quests. Equally, it would clarify why Tiffany hadn’t simply killed Chuck herself in a jealous rage over Sarah Pierce. Following their increasing arguments, Tiffany was no doubt experiencing one of those points where she was able to see beyond her love for him  before inevitably finding the ring mentioned in Bride of Chuck that is. A ring that allowed Tiffany to once again delude herself that he genuinely cared. As a result of the latest flashbacks, the Chuck TV show once again succeeded where other slashers failed, tidying up its timeline and strengthening the Child Play franchise as a whole. Equally, it more deeply informed why Tiffany had started to love Nice over Chuck and why she may still revert to antihero status in the Chuck season 1 finale.

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