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Avatar Live-Action Series Casts Star Wars, Kim’s Convenience Stars in Major Roles

Netflix’s live action Avatar  The Last Air bender has cast some familiar faces in the roles of Fatso, Commander Zhao and Uncle Ir oh.

Netflix announced that principle photography has begun on its upcoming live-action reboot of Nickelodeon’s classic martial arts fantasy. The streaming company also revealed more of the cast for the new show, revealing that actor Lin Kay Siu, who previously appeared in Anna and the King and Night watch, will play Gyat so,the Air Nomad monk who serves as the Avatar Aangs original guardian and father figure. Ken Lung, who sci if fans may recognize from his roles in Lost and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, will play Commander Zhao,a Fire Nation commander who is willing to do anything to improve his standing within the imperialist power’s hierarchy. Lung will be joined in the Fire Nation by fellow Star Wars alum Paul Sun Hung Lee, who previously starred in Kim’s Convenience and The Manorial. Lee will portray Uncle Ir oh, a mentor to the conflicted Prince Zukor.

Stu, Leung and Lee are the latest additions to the live action Air bender cast. Netflix previously confirmed that Gordon Cornier will play the role of Sang, the world’s reluctant young savior, while Kiwentiio will play the role of Karat, a water bending girl who releases Sang from his frozen prison. Ian Tousle will play Asoka, Sitarist goofy brother, while Dallas Lou will portray Prince Zukor, the heir to the throne of the Fire Nation who eventually begins to question his country’s actions. Lost and The Good Doctor’s Daniel De Kim will portray Fire Lord Ozark, Zukor father and the primary antagonist of the series. Kim previously voiced the character of General Feng in the original series.

The Last Air bender was created by Michael Dante  and Bryan Antonietta and originally premiered on Nickelodeon in 2005. The series ran for three seasons and is one of the most critically acclaimed animated series of all time, being awarded with multiple Annie Awards, a Peabody Award and a Prime time Emmy. The series spawned a series of tie-in novels, an on-going comic book series, and a sequel TV show, The Legend of Korea. Netflix’s new show will the franchise’s second attempt at a live action adaptation: in 2010, a movie entitled The Last Air bender was produced by Paramount Pictures and directed by The Sixth Sense and Old’s M. Night Malayan. The movie was criticized for casting primarily white actors, despite the series’ heavily Asian influenced setting. Sequels were originally planned for the film, but those plans were canceled after the movie under performed at the box office.

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