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Young Sheldon Reveals An Adult Sheldon Personality Fix After The Big Bang Theory’s Ending

Young Sheldon subtly reveals how much better Sheldon Cooper Jim Parsons has gotten since he won the Nobel Prize in The Big Bang Theory finale.

Sheldon Cooper Jim Parsons has changed for the better since The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon reveals. The Pasadena gang bid farewell in 2019 when the CBS geek-focused sitcom wrapped up, but the universe it belongs to continues thanks to its first and only spin-off. Tackling Sheldon’s childhood in Texas, Young Sheldon reveals new information about the fan favorite character, including how he’s been since winning the Nobel Prize in Physics in The Big Bang Theory finale. In Young Sheldon season 5, Sheldon continues his first year in college after graduating early from high school. Instead of going to a prestigious school such as Harvard or Princeton, he is forced to attend East Texas Tech so he could still live with his family in Texas. So far, he’s been doing well despite some difficulties brought about by Dr. Sturgis’ Wallace Shawn abrupt relocation and the arrival of his engineering teacher, Professor Boucher Lance Reddick who’s not particularly keen on him. But while Young Sheldon continues to develop the character’s arc in the prequel, many viewers are also tuning in to the show to learn about the life adult Sheldon is currently living in modern times.
CBS has used Young Sheldon to provide updates as to what the socially-inept genius is up to after the events of The Big Bang Theory. Not much is known about his professional life, but his marriage with Amy Mayim Bialik remains strong as it was revealed that the pair have a son named Leonard Cooper. Meanwhile, the Pasadena gang is still in constant contact with each other as evidenced by Howard’s Simon Helberg recent appearance in Young Sheldon season 5, episode 7 titled An Introduction to Engineering and a Glob of Hair Gel. Aside from that, however, the outing also subtly reveals how much Sheldon has changed for the better since the last time viewers saw him in The Big Bang Theory. The fact that Sheldon was willing to tell Howard that embarrassing story about his engineering class in college is a sign of maturity on his part.

Sheldon has always been proud; he’s fully aware of his intellectual prowess and he never misses a chance to boast about it. In The Big Bang Theory, he had the tendency to rub it off of his own friends’ faces, sometimes even invalidating their own achievements but he was particularly mean to Howard. Sheldon mocked his lack of a Ph.D. and his engineering degree from M.I.T. This was despite the fact that Sheldon was very envious of his friend when Howard was given the opportunity to visit the International Space Station. For years, nobody knew why Sheldon looked down on engineers and Howard just learned to live with his insults. So, for him to outright admit to Howard that the reason he never liked engineers is due to the fact he struggled with his own engineering class in college is an indication of character growth. It’s unknown what prompted Sheldon to confess about his engineering secret in Young Sheldon season 5. But, it may have something to do with him realizing that he doesn’t need to put his friends down to feel good about his own achievements. It doesn’t mean, however, that he has fully gotten rid of his insensitive and insulting ways, but it’s definitely a big step considering how brutal he could be towards Howard in The Big Bang Theory.

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