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Ted Lasso: 5 Times A Character’s Personality Totally Changed

The characters of Ted Lasso all have clear personalities, until something changes each of them, showing us a different side.

Ted Lasso is set to make a comeback next year for season 3 on Apple TV, with the hope of seeing how the characters have progressed and developed. Encompassed in the warmth of friendship and loyalty, the Apple TV hit series also took a dive into looking at why Ted, Rebecca and their umpteen acquaintances have the traits they portray.

Ted Calls Dr. Sharon

From the onset, Ted is a whirlwind of joy and inspiration. With a spring in his step, he took on the task of improving AFC Richmond and it seemed that no problem could break his happiness. The introduction of psychologist, Dr, Sharon, was a positive step for the mental health of the players, but Ted was unaware of how important she would prove to be for him.

After denying Dr. Sharon a look inside his life, Ted encountered a triggering situation in season 2, episode 8, causing him to phone Dr. Sharon and tell her about his past. From that point on, sometimes still with a struggle, Ted allowed himself to be vulnerable. There was suddenly more to the ‘glass half full’ coach, as he no longer needed to portray himself as constantly upbeat.

Rebecca Chooses Friendship

Steadfast, straight-faced and sharp, Rebecca had no qualms in stepping on people to get her revenge on her spiteful ex-husband, Rupert. Hiring Ted was simply a ploy to get back at Rupert, in the hope that Ted would ruin the club.

However, after Ted shows his dedication to AFC Richmond and complete kindness towards Rebecca (even after she hired a photographer to wrongly catch him out) she began to realise she was only hurting those who truly care about her, and not Rupert. Rebecca learnt she was able to use her inner strength to be a good friend and an even better, powerful Richmond owner.

Higgins Gives An Ultimatum

Assistant to Rebecca, Lesley Higgins is a somewhat milder presence at Richmond’s football ground. He would do as he was asked by Rebecca, sometimes offering his opinion, but often getting rejected. Disagreeing with Rebecca’s plan to get the club relegated, he saw the bigger picture, understanding many people would suffer.

Unfortunately, for a while, he went along with it. Eventually, in season 1, episode 8, he made a stand and quit. His more timid mannerisms were put aside as he told Rebecca she needed to stop how she’s behaving, but when met with an answer he didn’t want, he walked away from her and her job. Something a former Lesley wouldn’t have done.

Keeley Knows Her Worth

A self proclaimed person who’s “sort of famous for being almost famous,” Keeley typifies the modern, bouncy, London girl and dates AFC Richmond’s, Jamie Tartt. She was open with how she felt, although slightly less so when it came to how she was treated by Jamie. Keeley was pushed to the side whenever Jamie was center of attention, even though there was a lot more to her than her boyfriend cared to acknowledge.

In season 1, episode 4, a brief chat in the women’s toilets with Rebecca, convinced Keeley that there should be more to a relationship than being with someone who is fun, wealthy and above all else, immature. That night, she brought her relationship to an end. That was when her independency and the showing of what she was really capable of, begun.

Roy Embraces His Relationship

It’s not only Roy Kent’s mannerisms that portray his serious and tough ways. Even his gruff voice reflects those traits. Although he doesn’t abide bullying, he doesn’t have much interest in forming bonds with team mates or coaches, or anyone else for that matter. In turn, being standoffish didn’t encourage many people to try and connect with him.

Roy tried his best to deflect Ted’s relentless positivity, but it’s a new relationship with Keeley that really started to soften him. Roy’s change of personality was a slow burner, but Keeley made him see that he could be more than the grumpy, older player, and subsequently use his compassion and understanding to help others.

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