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Supernatural: 5 Duos Who Should Have Had More Screen Time Together

Whether due to the timing of their appearances or to reasons unknown, these character pairs didn’t share enough screen time on Supernatural.

There are so many memorable and beloved duos throughout Supernatural’s 15 seasons: the Winchester brothers, Dean and Cas, Sam and Lucifer, and a plethora of others. However, similar to how the show misused many characters or kicked them off the show too early, many character pairings did not share as many scenes as fans would have liked.

Castiel And Balthazar

One of the best parts of Supernatural’s sixth season was Balthazar, a character whose death at the end of the season was not only permanent but seriously saddening for fans who were desperate for more from the free-spirited angel.

Fans still wish that Balthazar had not died as soon as he had for one, but also that he had got to share more scenes with Castiel. The two had a good and wildly entertaining friendship that unfortunately ended in one killing the other, but the SPN family still love the pair.

Bobby Singer And Rufus Turner

Bobby and Rufus are a joy to watch in every episode they share in Supernatural, and there is a good handful of them. With both characters being so loved, though, fans would have loved to see more of them.

Rufus only properly appears in half a dozen episodes, so seeing flashbacks to his younger days with Bobby or having him involved in more hunts with Bobby and the Winchester’s would have been a welcome sight for the grouchy old duo.

Crowley And Anyone

Whether it be his bromance with Dean, his odd-couple pairing with Cas, his insult-fueled relationship with Sam, his toxic mother/son dynamic with Rowena, or his torturer/torturee relationship with Lucifer, fans still wish they got at least one more scene with Crowley.

His death was great. But if characters like Mary, Lucifer, Michael, Jack, Kevin, Ruby, etc., could get brought back for scenes, episodes, and whole seasons time again, there was no real reason Crowley could not pop up again. Seeing him alone in a flashback would not have the same impact, but pairing him up with one of his many fantastic dynamics for a return to Supernatural would have been terrific.

The Roadhouse Trio And The Winchesters

Not so much a duo of individuals but two separate families, the Winchester brothers and the three residents of the Roadhouse got nowhere near enough time together on screen.

The Roadhouse was like a home away from the car for the Winchesters, and it did not get enough time to shine before it got destroyed, nor did Ash, Ellen, and Jo. Some fans still believe Jo and Dean should have gotten together, while some believe Ellen and Jo should have lived on long past their heartbreaking death. Either way, most fans can agree the more screen time the Harvelles and Winchesters got together, the better it would have been.

Sam Winchester And Castiel

The relationship between Dean and Castiel is one of the best in the show, and the two share so many memorable scenes and episodes together. While Sam and Castiel have their share of great scenes, they got nowhere near enough.

The show just seemed to rarely pair them off compared to the amount they paired up Dean and Cas. That is understandable given the special nature of Cas and Dean’s dynamic. However, both Cas and Sam could have benefited from time together away from Dean to explore their friendship further, like how they remained to look for a way to help Jack and stop Chuck.

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