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Hallmark Channel Christmas movie guide Whats new on this years schedule

When widower Frank finds a picture of his first love

 Claire, his young friend Megan, proprietor of the cafe he frequents  convinces him to go on a road trip to track her down. Though reluctant, Frank agrees to the trip when he sees that it might help Megan recover from her recently broken engagement. The two set off on their adventure and find themselves opening up to each other. Along the way Megan has an awkward run-in with a man and his dog that she can’t seem to shake off. The pair soon arrive at Claire’s address only to find the home vacant. Not deterred from their search, they stay at a nearby lodge where a surreptitious clue ultimately leads the pair to Claire. However

when they don’t get the reception they expected

the story of how Frank’s first love ended slowly reveals itself. Meanwhile Megan learns that the man she’d met earlier Steve, is the lodge’s owner. She helps him with some of his holiday responsibilities and they soon warm to each other and find that they are each grappling with their hopes for the future. As Megan helps Frank pursue a second chance at love and he reminds her not to give up on her dreams or her heart  these unlikely friends find that sometimes the closest family is the kind we make.

When will season two of Ginny and Georgia be released

Antonia Gentry as Ginny in Ginny & Georgia. Unfortunately a second season isnt coming as soon as fans had hoped. In spite of being renewed back in April, season two didn’t begin filming until November  per What’s On Netflix. In mid October, the show’s Instagram page shared, Gearing up to film season two let’s take a peek back at filming season one episode one. So when can we expect to see it on Netflix? Season one took about four months to film and Whats on Netflix reported that its “best estimate right now is that Ginny  Georgia season 2 will squeeze onto Netflix in mid to late 2022.

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