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Chucky Season 1 Finale Trailer Shows Killer Doll Army Ready For Battle

Chucky readies for battle alongside an army of killer dolls in the trailer for the upcoming final episode of season 1 of the horror TV series.

Chucky readies for war in the season 1 finale trailer of the horror TV show. Don Mancinis Childs Play franchise follows the murderous Chucky, a doll that plays host to the soul of a notorious serial killer who continues his killing spree while in the doll’s body. The Chucky TV show serves as a direct sequel to 2017 Cult of Chucky with Brad Dourif reprising the role as the voice of the titular serial killing doll. Alongside new faces, the show includes returning cast members from previous films, including Alex Vincent as Chuckys long term nemesis Andy Barclay.With season 1 of the Chucky TV series coming to an end, the trailer for the finale  shared by TV Promos, shows that Chucky is readying up for a fight. The short clip shows an army of Chucky infested figures prepping for a killing spree while Chuckys latest adversary  Jake Wheeler  warns that the dolls could be anywhere as a van full of Good Guy dolls are shown boxed up and ready to ship. The trailer ends with Chucky and Jake going toe to toe in battle in a cinema. Watch the teaser below

While the trailer shows that season 1 will wrap up in an explosive and murderous fashion there currently no confirmation that Chucky will get a season 2 despite its critical success. Chucky has found the perfect balance between the franchises slasher origins and dark comedy roots while being a fantastic coming of age story and one of the most inclusive shows currently on TV. With its tongue in cheek attitude and endless easter eggs  Chucky has proven to be a tonne of fun for both horror fans and franchise aficionados alike. Unlike 2019 Childs Play  a reboot that squandered its chance to revitalize the series, the brilliant Chucky TV show demonstrates that the series future can successfully lie on the small screen. The show will wrap up season 1 on November 30th with its final actionpacked episode.

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