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8 Upcoming Projects Featuring The Cast Of Schitts Creek

The hilarious Schitts Creek ran from 2015 to 2020 for six seasons. In that time, viewers witnessed the antics of the Rose family and the other citizens of the titular town, getting to know the characters on screen and enjoying the performances from the actors who played them.

If fans are eager to see some of their favorite performers in more projects, they can see many of the cast members in some highly anticipated upcoming projects. Some of the projects have a very different tone from Schitts Creek so viewers can watch the actors display their range and talents in their new films and television shows.

8 Eugene Levy & Catherine O Hara  Back Home Again

Moira sings at funeral as Johnny eat a sandwich in Schitts Creek
Johnny and Moira Rose had some of the best character arcs of any of the main Schitts characters, which were made more convincing thanks to the excellent performances of Eugene Levy and Catherine O Hara. The two have appeared in a handful of films together throughout their careers, and they will appear together again, though in animated form, in the upcoming Back Home Again.The film gives a reimagining of one of the biggest wildfire evacuation efforts ever undertaken in Canadian History in which all the characters are animals. Eugene Levy plays the role of Fire Chief Ducky and Catherine O Hara portrays Mayor Owl, both of whom appear to be prominent figures in the story. The film does not yet have a release date.

7 Annie Murphy Russian Doll

Known for her role in Schitts Creek as Alexis Rose, Annie Murphy has gained a following for her hilarious and, at times, sincerely heartfelt performance. Next, she’ll star on Russian Doll, which debuted in 2019 and follows Nadia Vulvokov as she tries to understand why she is stuck in a time loop and attempts to escape it.The show gained critical acclaim and has received praise for the performances of the main cast, especially Natasha Lyonne. Currently, Annie Murphy role in the upcoming season has not been revealed, but based on her talents in Schitts Creek fans can expect great things. The second season of Russian Doll will likely release in 2022, though an exact date has not been confirmed.

6 Catherine OHara Argylle

Though her role in the film has not yet been publicly revealed, Catherine o Hara will be playing a role in the upcoming Ar gylle. The film is adapted from a novel written by Ellie Conway and it follows a spy who has amnesia and must regain their memories while pursuing their former employer for revenge.The spy film is set to be an exciting adventure featuring an excellent cast. Even though Catherine OHaras character in the film is currently unknown, she will inevitably give a stellar performance  as evidenced by some of the best Moira episodes of Schitts Creek.Argylle will likely come out in late 2022 or 2023.

5 Emily Hampshire The Rig

Stevie in Schitts Creek
Perhaps one of the most beloved characters from Schitts Creek is Stevie Budd, portrayed by Emily Hampshire. In 2022, she will be playing a starring role in the series The Rig as Rose Mason. The show follows the crew of an oil rig as communications have ceased between them and the mainland to which they are meant to return.The thrilling series is a drastic difference from Hampshire’s time on Schitt Creek but the incredible actor will provide an excellent performance in a territory many fans have not yet seen her in.

4 Jennifer Robertson Single All The Way

Jocelyn in Schitts Creek
Jennifer Robertson was excellent in her portrayal of Jocelyn Schitt and contributed to her being one of the best side characters on Schitts Creek. Her hilarious and lovable energy resonated with many viewers and turned her into a fan favorite. In the upcoming film Single All the Way, which releases on December 2, 2021, Robertson plays the role of Lisa.The film follows a man as he convinces his friend to pretend to be in a relationship with him to avoid criticism from his family when he returns home for Christmas. Robertson will lend her talents well to the romantic comedy film, and fans will certainly enjoy her performance.

3 Chris Elliott  Christma  Vs. The Walters

Chris Elliott as Roland Schitt on Schitts Creek
In Schitt’s Creek, Chris Elliott played the role of Roland Schitt, the mayor of the titular town. Fans have loved his portrayal of the character even if Roland was often a nuisance to those around him. Elliott will have a prominent role in Christmas vs. The Walters, which comes out on November 26, 2021.The film surrounds Diane Walters, who has two children and is pregnant with a third, as she tries to have an enjoyable Christmas with her complicated family. Chris Elliott portrays Dr Tom, and it appears that his eccentric talents will make another fun appearance for this upcoming holiday movie.

2 Karen Robinson Echoes

In Schitts Creek Karen Robinson played the character Ronnie Lee, who quickly became a character that Schitts fans wanted more of. Luckily for viewers, they can see her in the upcoming miniseries Echoes. The show follows twins who live double lives by consistently impersonating one another until one of them goes missing.Karen Robinson plays Sheriff Louise Floss, and though it is not yet clear how large of a role the character will play fans of Robinson excellent performance in Schitts Creek will surely enjoy her portrayal. Echoes should debut sometime in 2022.

1 Chris Elliott Maggie

Chris Elliott has been in a plethora of films and television shows throughout his career, and he will be joining another cast soon. Likely coming out in early 2022  Maggie is about a woman who realizes that she is a psychic, but her own current situation is quite complicated. Chris Elliott will be playing the role of Jack.Not much has been released about the series yet, so it is uncertain how large of a role Jack will play in the story, but with Chris Elliott attached to the part the character is sure to be an enjoyable one to watch.

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