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7 Netflix Shows to Binge After You Finish ‘Locke & Key’ Season 2

Locke & Key, the latest Netflix show to feature magic, concluded its second season with the promise of more to come. The adaptation of the graphic novels of the same name includes the use of magical keys that imbue the user with special abilities and gifts.

If you’re missing the magic of Locke & Key, we have a few suggestions that will fill the void. The shows in our list are available to stream on Netflix just like Locke & Key. Not only do these series include a heavy dose of magic, but they also lean into the sinister side of magic, with darker story lines. Most of the properties also feature younger protagonists, or at least those who are still inexperienced in the world of magic, which makes them accessible for a wide variety of audiences.


The Last Air bender

Avatar: The Last Air bender already had a fan following when it finally landed on Netflix, allowing even more viewers to fall in love with the animated series. The magic in Avatar The Last Air bender comes from people’s ability to manipulate four core elements earth, air, fire and water. When siblings Karat and Asoka accidentally stumble upon the Avatar, Aang, they have to work together to stop the Fire Nation. The show combines the style of anime with American cartoons to create a world that has universal appeal. Add to that mind-bending action and a cast of characters with winning personalities and this show is a guaranteed favorite. The plot lines tackled concepts as vast as imperialism and the cost of war, making Avatar: The Last Air bender a show for all ages.

Raising Dion

What’s more magical than superheroes  Nicole Reese Alisha Wainwright is a single mother who is suddenly confronted by her son’s magical superpowers. Nicole not only has to deal with the recent death of her husband, Mark Warren  Michael B. Jordan , but the normal stresses of motherhood are magnified when Dion Warren  Ja Siah Young  begins manifesting these powers. How does she give her son a regular life while protecting him from people who want to exploit his powers? Raising Dion is based on the comic book and short film by Dennis Liu, and the show is propelled by the central family drama and numerous stunning performances. With the superhero genre still lagging behind in terms of exclusivity, Raising Dion has made small strides in expanding representation in that landscape.

Shadow hunters

The Netflix adaptation Shadow hunters is based on Cassandra Clares popular young adult book series The Mortal Instruments. The series follows Clary Fray Katherine McNamara a teenager who learns that she’s a human-angel hybrid. Her unique heritage gives Clary magical powers, and the ability to see the shadow world. Clary becomes a Shadow hunter to save her mother and to fight the villainous Valentine Morgen stern. This show is a mix of magic and the supernatural, with many occult creatures like vampires, werewolves, fairies and warlocks featured in the series. The show added more diversity to the main cast of characters, but its popularity rests on the central queer romance between Magus Bane Harry Shem Jr.and Alex Light wood  Matthew Dario which won Shadow hunters acclaim at the GLAND Awards.

Shadow and Bone

Netflix snapped up another popular young adult series to bring magic to the screen. Shadow and Bone is an adaptation of Leigh Barbados Grievers books. In the series, the Gris ha are gifted people, but none are as special as Alina Stark Jessie Mei Li who has the potential to destroy the Shadow Fold that has divided two halves of the Raviv nation. When her power catches the eye of General Kirinyaga Ben Barnes, Alina must decide whom to trust. Shadow and Bone had the Twitter verse aflutter from the get go, and it wasn’t long before the series was given a second season renewal. The show leans into the darker side of magic literally with the shadowy cinematography, and figuratively with the characters tragic backstories and the Season 1 cliffhanger.

The OA

Prairie Johnson Brit Marling is a young woman who resurfaces after going missing for several years. On her return, she claims to be The OA (the original angel, and that she is able to see despite being blind before. Prairie befriends a group of students who she says will help her save the other people who had gone missing with her. Can she be believed? The OAT balances science-fiction with magic the main story line deals with time travel and even inter dimensional travel, but some of the inexplicable events in the show look like magic. The performances are spectacular and just unnerving enough to keep viewers guessing about the real motivations of the characters. The OAT is weird and compelling with the kind of star-power that will have you glued to your screen.

The Order

A young student, Jack Morton (Jake Manley), is recruited into a secret order that teaches and practices magic. The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose introduces Jack to a world of monsters, magic and family secrets. It is’t long before he uncovers some hidden truths about his family, but that may need to wait as Jack is dragged into a battle between supernatural creatures and wielders of dark magic. Alongside Jack, the show also focuses on other members of the order, including Jack’s rightfully vengeful grandfather, Pete  Matt Fr ewer  The Order is a classic combination of freshman college students, secret societies, family intrigue, monsters and murder mysteries. The show has a lot of tropes-in-one, and yet has enough charm to hold its own.
The Witcher

Books are the magical source that keep on giving Netflix more series. The witches based on the book series of the same name, follows the interconnected stories of Ger alt of Riva Henry Cavil who is the titular witches a magically enhanced monster hunter. Alongside Gerald story line is that of Crown Princess Cori Freya Allan, who is on the run and newly discovering her magical abilities. And to round out the magical trio is sorceress Jennifer of Avenger berg Anya Charlot who has grown weary of life and is on a personal, elusive pursuit. The series is rich with world building and complicated characters. Throw in blood, gore and nudity, and the show is vying to replace Game of Thrones as the next big dark fantasy watch. The series’ popularity led to Netflix renewing it for a second and third season, plus an animated spin off  The Wither Nightmare of the Wolf.

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