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Teen Wolf: 10 Unpopular Opinions About Allison Argent (According To Reddit)

Allison’s death in Teen Wolf is heartbreaking, but not everyone is fond of her character. Fans express their unpopular opinions about her on Reddit.

Allison Argent is only in the first three seasons of Teen Wolf, but she remains a crucial part of the show long after Crystal Reed’s exit. Her death came as a shock to fans who believed Scott and Allison would find their way back to each other, and she leaves a void the series never fills. Allison is one of the more controversial aspects of Teen Wolf, with fans having mixed feelings about her character. She may be portrayed as a hero, but Allison’s need for control often clouds her judgment. Fans take to Reddit to express their unpopular opinions about Allison and her relationships.

Allison And Isaac Have Great Chemistry

Although Isaac and Allison are a pretty unpopular pairing, Reddit user ProfessionalAd9870 ships them and thinks they have great chemistry. Whether or not a couple has chemistry is subjective, but it’s easy to see why most fans don’t sense a genuine connection between them. Allison is never shown to care for Isaac as much as Scott, making it difficult to take their romance to heart. Before she dies, Allison confesses that she still loves Scott and always will. Even if the actors have an onscreen spark, Allison and Isaac’s relationship lacks the necessary depth.

Allison’s Relationship With Scott Is Unhealthy

Scott and Allison’s romance is the epitome of first love and they have several different romantic tropes in Teen Wolf. Their relationship has an air of innocence, as the love between them always wins out in the end. Reddit user KissingToast99 doesn’t view this romance in the same light and argues that Scallison was an unhealthy relationship. The supernatural aspect adds an additional component, as Scott and Allison’s loyalty to each other is tested. However, it’s hard to view them as unhealthy due to their young age and lack of experience. Scott is Allison’s first love, and there’s no easy way to balance her werewolf boyfriend with her werewolf hunting family.

Allison Is Untrustworthy

Other than Stiles, Allison is the person Scott trusts most in the world. He believes in the content of her character and trusts that she’ll always have his back. Reddit user Mika 95 writes that Allison should not have been trusted after Season 2, and points out how she attacked innocent people with no hesitation while grieving. The user isn’t wrong, as Allison makes a lot of mistakes after her mother’s death. But Scott believes in second chances, and Allison earns her redemption. All heroes fall from grace, but Allison proves that she’s still willing to put her life on the line to protect the people of Beacon Hills.

Allison Should’ve Been With Jackson

Jackson is far from the most likable character in Teen Wolf, as his main purpose in the series is to be a bully. Surprisingly, the only person he doesn’t mistreat is Allison. She’s one of the few people he genuinely appears to like, and the two form a friendship. Reddit user DakiniDiamond admits they shipped Allison and Jackson because he seemed like a better person when he was around her. Allison does bring out a softer side to him, but it’s not a good enough reason for them to date. Jackson isn’t a kind or trustworthy person, and it’s not Allison’s job to change him.

Allison’s Absence Isn’t Very Noticeable

Whether or not fans like Allison, most acknowledge a notable shift in the show after her death. Reddit user ktatev can’t relate to this, and admits they don’t feel too much of her absence in the later seasons. They also argue that her storyline rests too heavily on Scott, which makes her unable to stand on her own. Allison isn’t heavily involved in the supernatural until Teen Wolf Season 2, so Scott is her connection to the world at the beginning of the series. However, there are many ways that Allison could be a better protagonist than Scott in Teen Wolf, due to how complex she is. Allison is messy and impulsive, but it’s part of what makes her human.

Allison Didn’t Need To Die

While viewers didn’t want Allison to be killed off, her death is understandable due to Crystal Reed’s departure from the show. Reddit user theboyaintright92 disagrees with how her exit is handled and simply claims that Allison didn’t need to die.Unfortunately, being killed by the Oni is the most believable way to write Reed off of Teen Wolf, while still remaining true to Allison’s character. After everything the McCall Pack has been through, Allison never would’ve left her friends to fend for themselves.

Allison Is Boring

entertained by her storyline. However, Reddit user zslayer89 is glad Allison left the show after Teen Wolf Season 3 because “her character was boring. Viewers are drawn to different plots, so it’s understandable that not everyone is as interested in Allison’s as others. Yet, she’s the most unpredictable of the main characters, which adds an element of suspense to her storyline. If fans are on the edge of their seat, they usually aren’t bored.

Allison And Scott Weren’t Right For Each Other

There are several different opinions when it comes to romance, but many viewers agree that Scott and Allison are the best couple in Teen Wolf. However, Reddit user Islingtonian disagrees and writes, Scott and Allison weren’t right for each other in the long run.Allison’s death prevents anyone from coming to a definitive conclusion, as the two never get to have a real adult relationship. Yet, Scott and Allison both mature after their breakup, and their feelings for each other seem to mature with them. Allison admits that she’s still in love with Scott before she dies, proclaiming that he’s the love of her life.

Staying On The Show Would’ve Ruined Allison’s Character

While Allison spent Teen Wolf Season 3 earning back the audience’s trust, she still has a long way to go in terms of her individual arc. Reddit user sadcatpanda believes Allison’s story ends where it’s meant to and “if she had stayed her character development would’ve been wrecked.Theres no way to know for sure, but because Allison goes through a dark period in the second season, it’s unlikely she would regress again so soon. There are plenty of directions her character can take none of which involve going downhill.

Allison’s Death Could’ve Been Good For The Show

This is one of the most unpopular opinions on the list, with fans noticing a drop in quality after Crystal Reed leaves Teen Wolf. Reddit user Broken_Pikachu shares that they were originally on board with Allison’s death and thought it would lead to a great story in Season 4. The user was expecting it to create interesting arcs for both Scott and Chris, but, unfortunately, this didn’t come to pass. While her loss could have caused the characters to regress, it makes sense that they focus on honoring her memory. Because of how entertaining Allison’s plots tend to be, she holds more value alive than dead.

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