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EXCLUSIVE Riverdale Sneak Peek is Jughead Hiding a Dark Secret From Tabitha?

Tabitha wants answers from Jughead this week on Riverdale when she hears their new apartment was the site of a murder but to be fair, what building in Riverdale hasn’t been the site of a murder

TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday’s episode The CW, 9 8c, with Tabitha confronting Jughead about a pair of previous tenants: Sam and Diane, who infamously died there in a murder-suicide. Yes, Jughead knew about it, but he didn’t want to tell Tabitha because she loved the place so much and besides, the terrible tale has given Jughead an idea for his next book.

He shows Tabitha a faded photo of Sam and Diane in their 1970s glory days, adding that Sam was a painter… and Diane bludgeoned him to death with a hammer. Nobody knows why, but Jughead intends to find out. It’s got him feeling inspired for the first time in a long time but it may also mean that he and Tabitha are sharing their new apartment with a ghost. Elsewhere in this week’s episode, a vengeful spirit from folklore, La Llorona arrives in Rivervale to terrorize the rainy town, per the official description. Betty and Toni find themselves in the specter’s path and must seek Cheryl’s help to protect the children in Rivervale, including Baby Anthony.
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