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Teen Wolf: Scott & Allison’s 8 Best Romantic Tropes

Scott and Allison’s romance takes the spotlight during the first few seasons of Teen Wolf. While “insta-love” couples usually lack build-up and have a tendency to fall flat, Scallison deviates from the norm. The two have several hurdles that are thrown their way, and the series does an impressive job of delivering a fast-paced, yet compelling, love story.

Allison’s death in Teen Wolf Season 3 forces their chapter to come to a heartbreaking close, but she continues to live on through Scott and her friends. While some of them can be tragic, Scott and Allison have several romantic tropes that are used to flesh out their relationship.

Forbidden Love

An image of Scott and Allison standing outside a school bus in Teen Wolf
Given that Scott is a werewolf and Allison comes from a family of werewolf hunters, the couple is the epitome of forbidden love. Being together doesn’t just put them at risk of being grounded— it puts Scott’s life in jeopardy. Chris Argent comes a long way in regards to his opinion of Scott, but in Teen Wolf Season 2, he’s willing to kill any werewolf that gets near his daughter.

Scott and Allison spend the entire season sneaking around behind the Argent family’s back, giving their relationship an exciting edge. Each stolen moment together is precious, and the threat of being caught is always looming in the background.

Love At First Sight
An image of Allison smiling at Scott in Teen Wolf
The moment Scott picks up Allison’s voice with his heightened hearing, she becomes the center of his world. Although the immediacy in which Scott falls for her feels a bit theatrical, it’s not unrealistic. What looks like a crush to the outside world is anything but to a high schooler, and it shows that Scott can act like a typical teenager in Teen Wolf.

Their connection isn’t one-sided, and Allison displays an interest in Scott during their first interaction. While the show is mostly told from Scott’s point of view, it’s clear that the “love at first sight” trope applies to Allison, as well.

Interspecies Romance
Allison kisses Scott in Teen Wolf.
When Scott doesn’t have glowing eyes and fangs, it’s easy to forget that he and Allison are two separate species. They technically fall under the paranormal romance category, and while their love story might not reflect The Twilight Saga, there are a surprising amount of similarities.

Scott manages to master his abilities fairly quickly. By the time Teen Wolf Season 2 rolls around, he seems like a pro. However, there’s a very real element of danger during the beginning of their relationship. Scott isn’t worried about draining Allison’s blood, but he does dream about losing control and ripping her to pieces.

Power Couple
Allison standing next to Scott with a crossbow in Teen Wolf.
Allison’s fighting abilities are just one of several reasons why she’d make an interesting protagonist in Teen Wolf. What she lacks in supernatural strength, Allison makes up for in skill. A person can outsmart their opponent, even if they can’t physically overpower them, and it’s often what happens in Allison’s instance.

She and Scott fight side-by-side and always have each other’s back. It’s reasonable for Scott to worry given her mortality, but Scott comes to realize that Allison can take care of herself.

First Love

While it’s rare for someone’s first love to be the love of their life, this turns out to be the case for Allison Argent. It can easily be argued that Allison is the love of Scott’s life in return, but because he manages to fall in love more than once, it’s up to interpretation.

Regardless of whether Allison is Scott’s soulmate, Scott will never have what he did with her with anyone else. Allison is his first everything and has taken up permanent residence in his heart. First love is a feeling like no other, and Teen Wolf does an excellent job at portraying its highs and lows.

Love Across Battlelines
An image of Scott and Allison sitting back to back in Teen Wolf
Everyone makes mistakes and Scott and Allison have done plenty of horrible things to each other in Teen Wolf. However, Allison’s actions in the second season are particularly hard to forgive. When Gerard enters Allison’s life and poisons her against Scott, they end up on conflicting sides of a war.

Allison makes it apparent that she means him no harm, but by attacking Derek and his pack, she’s attacking Scott. Scott refuses to retaliate against Allison, which makes their opposition especially complex. It’s difficult to see them at odds, but this trope proves that Scott and Allison can overcome anything. Dying Declaration Of Love. Allison Dies In Scotts Arms On Teen Wolf. Scott and Allison never get back together after their breakup in Teen Wolf Season 2. They end things on a hopeful note, as Scott is confident that they’re meant to be, but sadly, their romantic reunion never comes to pass. It’s disheartening that Allison spends the third season dating Isaac, rather than playing out her final episodes by Scott’s side. Yet, their relationship status is what makes Allison’s declaration of love pack such a punch. Before she dies in his arms, Allison tells Scott that she’s always loved him and always will. He never gets the chance to say it back, which parallels Stiles and Lydia’s romance in Teen Wolf. The difference is that Stiles makes it home to Lydia, while Allison is unable to return to Scott. Star Crossed Lovers.Scott and Allison are star-crossed lovers in every sense of the word, as all the forces in the world seem to be working against them. There’s an endless list of reasons why they shouldn’t be together: the danger of a human dating a werewolf, Allison’s family, and the fact that they find themselves on opposite sides of a war.
While death does rob them of their happy ending, it’s unable to touch Scott and Allison’s love. Allison saves Scott’s life even after she passes, as the memory of her overwhelms his attacker and gives Scott a chance to break free.

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