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Grey’s Anatomy: 5 Things You Missed About The Interns

Interns are among the most valued groups of professionals in the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, yet some details about them aren’t so easy to catch.

In Grey’s Anatomy, interns can be counted on to assist the established doctors in performing day-to-day routines. Despite being medical-school graduates, they don’t have the license to practice medicine unsupervised, so they have to report to a resident. Nevertheless, being lower in the hierarchy doesn’t stops them from making a mark.

The Show Uses Unique Terms To Refer To Interns

In the real world, an intern is also a first-year internal resident. However, the show refrains from referring to interns as residents. Instead, it settles for the terms “surgical intern” and surgical resident.”

The medical drama sticks to real-life rules and procedures most of the time but like every other TV offering, creative liberties are taken from time to time. Referring to interns as residents would be confusing, especially for viewers who aren’t in the medical field. As things are, viewers get to easily distinguish between the novices and the experts.

A Few Interns Serve Attendings

In what is a major exception to the norm, the interns in Season 9 serve attendings rather than residents. Once again, there is no explanation given as to why this is the case.

As is the case during the Covid-19 outbreak and the aftermath of the hospital shooting, it should be presumed that there is a departure from the norm because of previous proceedings. Season 8 had ended with one of the best Grey’s Anatomy season finales in which a plane crashed, causing the deaths of major characters.

The Interns Get An Early Start In Season 17

In Season 17, the new batch of interns starts much earlier than those of previous seasons. This is due to the staff tie-up brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the pandemic, most activities in the hospital get disrupted. The fact that even residents are seen doing scut work shows how dire the situation is. It becomes necessary for interns to step up as quickly as possible. The interns can also boast over the fact that they don’t get assigned any resident, simply because the hierarchy has gotten destabilized. Consequently, they focus on their job and don’t channel their efforts into pleasing a master.

Psychiatry Interns Are The Considered Sharpest

While discussing a new group of stubborn surgical interns, Callie mentions to Richard that she prefers psych interns because they are the smartest. Richard agrees.

Interestingly, psychiatry is the most disparaged field on the show. Since they don’t perform surgeries or treat common illnesses, most doctors are shown to discriminate against psychiatrists. Richard, on the other hand, holds psychiatrists in high regard because he has relied on a few while trying to remedy his alcohol addiction.

There’s A Grey’s Anatomy Spinoff About Interns

There is a Grey’s Anatomy spinoff known as Grey’s Anatomy: B-Team that many fans aren’t aware of. The spinoff is structured as a web series and focuses on the first day of interns introduced in Season 14’s “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story.”

Even though Grey’s Anatomy: B-Team hasn’t reached many eyeballs, the warm reception by critics shows that a proper spinoff about interns could work. In 2018, the web series was nominated for an Emmy for outstanding short form comedy or drama. It was also directed by Sarah Drew, who portrays Dr. April Kepner on the original show.

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