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10 Tips For Beginners To Rick And Morty

The audience for Rick and Morty continues to grow. It’s vital new fans know some of these tips before binging every episode of the Adult Swim series.

Rick and Morty has recently finished its fifth season, with the creative team currently working on its next outing – and this renewal and attention has led to many people wondering if they should be watching, too. The show has been incredibly popular, with multiple seasons already released, so it may be daunting for new fans to jump aboard the speeding ship.There are a lot of great tips for those who wish to try out the Adult Swim series but are unsure what to expect or where to begin. Whether it’s concerning the importance of the expanded material, what they need to know about the ongoing series itself, or about the fandom surrounding the project, this Rick and Morty advice is sure to be helpful for the uninitiated.

10 The Confusing Timeline

The timeline of Rick and Morty can get pretty confusing. With alternative dimensions and stories that appear to have very little linking each of the episodes together, the continuity is pretty inconsistent. That’s part of the charm of the show though.This kind of formula means that anything can happen. Not every Rick and Morty narrative gets completely resolved and there are very few larger ongoing arcs, but despite the changes in the timeline and reality, there is still a core evolution to the characters themselves that continues to make the show so compelling. For instance, Morty grows as a character becoming more competent in spite of the muddled continuity.

9 The Schezwan Sauce Debacle

Rick mentions Schezwan Sauce in the episode entitled The Rickshank Rickdemption, an out of circulation dip that could be found at McDonald’s to promote the Disney movie Mulan. New fans have to know the controversy surrounding the sauce.McDonald’s briefly brought back the Schezwan Sauce to its menus but Rick and Morty fans turned up in huge crowds, overwhelming the fast-food business. For those who want to try the sauce, it’s unlikely this promotional offer will ever happen again. Homemade versions will have to suffice!

8 Remembering Supporting Characters

There’s a huge range of supporting characters throughout the show, some of which actually make reoccurring appearances. It’s difficult to determine who will show up again though, and, it’s best to try to remember as many of these faces as possible.Some of the characters who seem almost insignificant  like Mr. Poopybutthole – go on to become key parts of the series. Others, such as Jaguar, feel as if they have a bigger part to play but thus far have not shown up again. Ultimately, the character of the week trope shouldn’t allow new fans to become ignorant of these supporting roles, as they might be vital down the line.

7 Character Attachments

The fact is that Rick and Morty lives by a unique point of view. Because of the multiple realities, different timelines and dimensions, and an infinite set of versions as to how an event can turn out, the show isn’t afraid to reinvent everything. Audiences should not get attached to characters.Major deaths are given in a series like this, but the show has quite literally changed the status quo for good multiple times, switching everything fans know about these characters; a certain planetary reality swap is especially something to look out for early on. Don’t get too attached to anyone or anything, because it really could change completely.

6 Ongoing Villains

There are exceptions to the rule but Rick and Morty doesn’t really abide by the traditional formula of including ongoing villains. Most sci-fi shows have a big bad and although the Galactic Federation and Evil Morty could be considered to hold those roles, even the latter went on a different arc in the previous season finale.In general, this is a villain of the week type of show that doesn’t revisit antagonists despite how good they may be. There are absolute Rick and Morty standouts that are genuine threats such as King Jelly Bean or Mr. Nimbus that fans would likely want to see return, but the chances of that happening are slim to none.

5 Extra Research

This of course isn’t a necessity but audiences could get even more out of Rick and Morty if they do a little bit of research into some of the references that have been worked into the show. The use of Schrodinger’s cat is a great example of that for instance.YouTube is a brilliant resource for this as, in comparison to so many other shows, Rick and Morty has a huge array of video essays to dive right into. These may give an alternative point of view to what an initial viewing might have revealed about these characters and the plot.

4 The Supporting Materials

Much like other major franchises Rick and Morty has been expanded into various other materials that only help to further immerse the audience in this fictional landscape. It could be the comics published by the likes of Oni Press or board games that help fans relieve favorite episodes that beginners check out first. Cryptozoic Entertainment’s Anatomy Park game is especially fun.There are so many options, but in between episodes it’s definitely worth checking out Adult Swim’s own channel for non-canonical shorts featuring the main characters on other bizarre adventures. Plus there’s an animated version of a real-life court case that is a must-watch. Some of these materials have actually helped to build up fan theories that were later paid off in Ricky and Morty the series.

3 Pop Culture References

Sci-fi series love to bring in pop culture references that inspired the creators of the property, but Rick and Morty takes this a step further. A lot of the show is actually extremely meta and might play off of previous movies and series that fans would be familiar with.It’s definitely helpful to have a diverse knowledge of major franchises, from Star Wars and Transformers to The Terminator and Total Recall. Recently the series even dedicated a whole episode to a Voltron rip-off. The names of the episodes like Total Rickall often point to a particular property or Rick might actually just call it out.

2 Solar Opposites Alternative

For beginners who are actually coming to the end of all the Rick and Morty episodes available and are trying to work out what to do next (as so many fans before them have) then Solar Opposites might actually be a perfect next stop.There are a lot of similarities between Ricky and Morty and Solar Opposites, including a shared creative and voice cast. What’s more, the meta-humor and weird alien adventures are at the forefront of this series, although the very human drama of the wall inside the main household is definitely something to watch out for.

1 Back To The Future Inspiration

Rick and Morty is actually hugely inspired by Back To The Future, with the main characters themselves largely based on Doc Brown and Marty McFly. It’s not required viewing to actually understand the Adult Swim animated comedy.
But those familiar with the sci-fi classic will certainly gain even more from Rick and Morty as they will begin to see the hilarious parallels. It’s the ultimate reference built into every episode and one that was even paid of when Christopher Lloyd portrayed a live-action Rick in a short.

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