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Ted Lasso: What Your Favorite Character Says About You

A person’s favorite character on the hit sitcom Ted Lasso can reveal quite a lot about what they value and how they think about the world.

Ted Lasso has become one of the most popular television series currently on the air, particularly since it remains a fundamentally optimistic comedy that wants its viewers to love and appreciate the characters. Indeed, part of its popularity seems to stem from the fact that audiences can very clearly see aspects of their own personalities in the men and women that occupy the center of the show’s stories.

Ted – Wise And Funny

Ted is obviously one of the series’ most likable characters, in large part because he moves through the world with so much optimism. As the series goes on, he reveals more and more about himself, and he shows that his earthy, homespun wisdom is in part a reflection of his childhood trauma.

Time and again, he shows that his humorous outlook is genuine, and this explains his personality and why many who are genuine optimists would see themselves in him.

Rebecca – Strong And Vulnerable

Even though she began as the series’ villain–determined to bring about the demise of both Richmond and Ted in particular–Rebecca has become a more sympathetic character, essentially becoming a protagonist in her own right. In particular, she demonstrates a mix of vulnerability and strength that makes her quite appealing to a wide variety of audiences.

And, as she shows with her brief romance with Sam, she is also a very brave character, willing to take romantic risks even if that means potentially endangering her career, something that those who identify with her would also be willing to do.

Roy – Headstrong And Loving

Even though he can be quite curmudgeonly, there’s no doubt that Roy has a heart of gold, as he proves with both his obvious love for Keeley (their romance is definitely one of the best on the show) and his protectiveness toward his niece. He is also notoriously stubborn, unwilling to change his ways until he absolutely has to (leading to some great quotes on his part).

However, it’s this mix of stubbornness and loving that makes Roy such a fantastic character, and those who like him no doubt see Roy’s tough love as the best approach to relationships.

Jamie – Tough And Charismatic

Like Roy, Jamie hides a sensitive heart beneath his rather irritating and irreverent exterior. Though he is very much invested in his own career and in his status as one of the team’s best players, he shows that he is quite scarred from his abusive father, and that much of his acting out is in response to that.

Moreover, there’s no denying that he’s a very charismatic person, and those who see a bit of themselves in Jamie are likely to have endured a great deal but have worked hard to build a confident exterior.

Keeley – Competent And Effervescent

It would be easy for some to write Keeley off, given that she begins the series as a model. However, she increasingly shows that she has a good head on her shoulders, and as the second season progresses she becomes increasingly successful in the world of public relations, so much so that she sets out to build her own PR firm at the end of the second season.

Those who identify with her and her storylines probably have similar ability level and are, in addition, very effervescent and good at responding to people and their emotional needs.

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