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Fans Can’t Believe This ‘Two And A Half Men’ Star Is Older Than Charlie Sheen

Let’s be honest here, given everything that took place on ‘Two and a Half Men’ behind the scenes, Charlie Sheen’s claims that the show is cursed does have some validity.

Nonetheless, despite the fact that the show might not fly today, it was a massive hit during its prime and it would even help to boost other shows like ‘Big Bang Theory.’
Ultimately, the show featured some great moments, even early on things were quite smooth behind the scenes.
We’ll take a look back at the relationships formed behind the scenes, while also taking a look at a certain age discrepancy between two stars. Fans are surprised that Sheen is younger than a certain co-star, even if it is just by a couple of months.
Charlie Sheen And Jon Cryer Had A Good Working Relationship
Sure, Charlie Sheen and ‘Two and a Half Men’ didn’t have the ending to their relationship that fans would’ve hoped for, nonetheless, during the show’s best times, things were quite good behind the curtain.
Jon Cryer admitted that working on-set with Sheen was especially great during the early days of the show.
Charlie and I really hit it off. We had a great first few years on that show, he said. It was incredibly smooth, we had a lovely time, it was working really well.
Doing the shows was always great. There was never a time when it wasn’t great.
Cryer would also admit that things would get a little too bumpy during Sheen’s final days on the show, especially when he started using substances again.
It was crazy. It was way more craziness than I really was hoping for, honestly, he told People.
It was tough to watch a guy who I had seen you know, when we started the show, Charlie had been sober for a while and was really in control of his life, Cryer continued. And it was tough to see that go away. That was the hardest part of being involved in that process.With Sheen back on substances at the time, it appeared as though the aging process accelerated a little quicker.With that in mind, fans were surprised to learn that Sheen’s co-star is actually older.
Jon Cryer Is A Little Over 4-Months Older Than Charlie Sheen
That’s right, it isn’t by much but Jon Cryer is actually older than his ‘Two and a Half Men’ co-star. Jon is born in mid-April 1965, making him 65 these days.As for Sheen, he’s also born in 1965, however, a few months later on, September 3rd. At the moment, both are 65.Given that the actors are both in their 60s these days, this might make the reboot of ‘Two and a Half Men’ that much more difficult.
In addition, fans seem to think that Sheen looks a lot older than his current age, given his past and turbulent lifestyle, one much different to Jon Cryer’s, which has been very clean cut.Fans Think Sheen’s Lifestyle Sped Up The Ageing Process.When Sheen left the legendary sitcom, things started to go south in his personal life. Sheen was once again battling with addiction, in addition, the actor feels as though he traded his work life for popular hashtags like winning and tiger blood.
People have said to me, ‘Hey, man, that was so cool, that was so fun to watch. That was so cool to be a part of and support and all that energy and, you know, we stuck it to the man,’ ” Sheen told Yahoo. My thought behind that is, ‘Oh, yeah, great. I’m so glad that I traded early retirement for a fing hashtag.
Sheen looks back at the situation in regret, and certainly, it might not have helped the aging process during that time period.And it was that giant left turn in that moment that led to, you know, a very unfortunate sequence of public and insane events.
Fans on Reddit also believe that his behavior during the ’90s didn’t help things either.
Around Platoon and Wall Street, he was pretty highly thought of. His reputation kind of gradually slipped over the course of the 90s, and he had a bit of a reputation even at the start that gradually began to overtake his regard as an actor until he ended up in a sitcom where he basically played a parody of himself.
Who knows what could’ve been for Charlie had he kept his head straight.

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