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Breaking Bad: Characters That Never Met (But Should Have)

AMC’s Emmy award-winning series, Breaking Bad, consists of numerous scintillating characters that encounter a string of hardships. From the troublesome consequences of money laundering to the manufacturing of crystal meth, most of the characters experience a wild journey. As such, several side plots and storylines are circulating the show’s central focus and character, Walter White. However, a large portion of fans doesn’t realize just how many characters within the show never directly cross paths. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting Breaking Bad characters that never met, but certainly should have.

Skyler and Jane

Interestingly enough, the two most important ladies in Walt and Jesse’s life never met each other. Jane is introduced in the second season of Breaking Bad as Jesse’s next-door neighbor and eventual love interest. At the time, Skyler wasn’t yet aware of Walt’s illegal activities, and so she never had a reason to interact with Jane. However, Jane was aware of Jesse’s drug involvement, though she didn’t know much about Walt’s personal life, even after meeting him.

Arguably, Skyler and Jane are the two most significant female characters in the show. Despite her constant criticism by fans, she remains loyal to Walt and keeps his secrets, for better or worse. The character of Jane is also highly crucial in the character arc of Jesse. He never fully gets over her unfortunate death. Even though their roots are very different from one another, fans were surprised that these two characters never had a one-on-one interaction.

Marie and Saul

Breaking Bad fans know Saul Goodman as the loud, overbearing “criminal” lawyer that gets tangled up in Walt and Jesse’s illegal methamphetamine operation. However, Saul also has a few encounters with DEA Agent Hank Schrader, who just so happens to be Walter’s brother-in-law. Breaking Bad fans might find it hard to remember that Saul and Marie, Hank’s kleptomaniac wife, never actually meet each other.

Despite Marie’s blanket of issues, she often involves herself in her husband’s work. In fact, she eventually assists in the revolt against Walt after learning the truth about his drug involvement. Surprisingly enough, Marie never experiences an encounter with Saul Goodman. The two characters both have close connections with Hank Schrader, though their massively separate agendas keep them worlds apart.

Mike and Skyler

Considering Skyler was contributing to her husband’s criminal activity in later seasons, this one might be one of the most shocking. Mike Ehramntraut is the devoted hitman and private investigator for both Gus Fring and Saul Goodman, respectively. Seeing as all three of these men were heavily involved with Walter White, it’s shocking to learn that she never once met Mike.

On the other hand, her encounters with Saul were well documented. In addition to helping her purchase the car wash, he even assisted her with blackmailing Ted Beneke. Skyler even meets Gus Fring in the hospital after Hank’s attempted murder. Fring, appearing to be a friendly associate of the DEA, brings the entire department his signature chicken. Unbeknownst to Skyler, she was talking to Walter’s boss, a secret drug kingpin. Therefore, Skyler and Mike are two surprising Breaking Bad characters that never met.

Gus and Saul

While the pair notably cross paths in Better Call Saul, fans might be shocked to realize that the Breaking Bad characters of Gus and Saul never personally interact. When Walter is looking for distribution for his product, Saul recalls that he “knows a guy who knows a guy.” Fans learn that Saul was referring to Gus, which teases fans that Saul does know about Gustavo Fring. Additionally, both men have several mutual links that keep their names close together, though fans never experience a physical meeting.

On the other hand, it’s heavily implied throughout the show that Saul knows exactly who Gus Fring is. However, the two men cease to physically conduct business together. Rather, Mike works as a messenger-type between both parties. Despite their mutual connection in Walter White, Gus and Saul never have to step on each other’s toes. As such, the lack of their contact makes them two of the most interesting Breaking Bad characters that never meet.

Walter Jr. and Jesse

Throughout the show, Walter White strenuously tries to keep his work life separate from his personal life. As such, Walter Jr. never personally meets Jesse Pinkman face-to-face. Fans and critics alike have theorized as to why showrunner Vince Gilligan decided to keep these two significant characters from meeting. Many fans figure it’s because Walt Jr. and Jesse both suffered greatly due to Walt’s decisions, and viewers were able to see how it affected opposite sides.

Despite Walt’s ruthless, criminal behavior, he desperately tries to keep his family safe from danger. Jesse, in certain situations, comes with a realm of danger. Walt also wanted to prevent his only son from learning about his father’s drug empire. As such, Walt kept Walter Jr. away from Jesse in hopes that he would never find out the truth. Still, the tension between these characters never meeting can hardly be matched to any other combination in the show. As such, they rank at the top of the list.

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