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Supergirl’s Final Season Is Now Streaming on Netflix

After six seasons, The CW’s Supergirl came to an end earlier this month, concluding not only Kara Danvers/Supergirl’s (Melissa Benoist) story, but delivering a surprising resolution to one of the biggest challenges she and the Super Friends have ever faced in keeping National City safe. Now, for fans who want to go back and rewatch the final season or even watch all of the Arrowverse series from the beginning, we have good news. Season 6 of Supergirl is now on Netflix in its entirety, which in turn means the complete series is now available to stream.

On Wednesday, the final episodes of the series became available on the streaming platform, in keeping with the arrangement most of the Arrowverse shows have had with the streamer in that completed seasons become available one week and one day after the broadcast of the finale (this agreement does not apply to newer DC shows on the network, such as Batwoman, DC’s Stargirl, and Superman & Lois which stream on HBO Max.) As for this final season of Supergirl, however, it was a little bit of a special case. Because of schedule changes related to COVID-19, Supergirl’s final season was split into two. After airing the first seven episodes of the season, Supergirl went on hiatus from May to August. As a result, the first seven episodes of Season 6 have been on Netflix for a little while, but now the full season is there to enjoy. You can check out the official description of Season 6 of Supergirl below.

“In this sixth and final season, Supergirl will immediately be thrust into the greatest challenge of her life — forced to confront her own mortality, and the prospect of losing all hope. As her friends rally to help her in this difficult fight, a new villain will arrive in National City and test her resolve. While trying to save National City, Supergirl and her friends will confront issues of social justice — including prejudice, racism, intolerance — societal ills that Supergirl’s alter-ego, Kara Danvers, will take on as a journalist. As threats mount on all sides, and new villains partner with old villains, the Superfriends find themselves in a race to amass power in their attempts to keep everyone safe. Ultimately, the Superfriends will have to examine their own use of power, and confront their own blindspots. Supergirl will learn that her real power comes from within, and that her greatest gift is inspiring others to access the same power within themselves. Our Superfriends will learn that the best way for heroes to help the world is by empowering each individual. Only then, will they be Stronger Together.”

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