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Rebecca Ferguson Wants To Play A Centaur In Harry Potter Reunion

Dune and Mission: Impossible 7 star Rebecca Ferguson says that she wants to be involved in the upcoming Harry Potter reunion — as a centaur.

Actress Rebecca Ferguson says that she wants to play a centaur in the recently announced Harry Potter reunion. The twentieth anniversary of the highly successful film franchise based on JK Rowling’s novels marks the first time that the cast has been reunited since the series came to an end in 2011. Much has happened since then with regard to the franchise, including a spin-off series, a successful stage production, and an upcoming video game.

After Rowling released her first Harry Potter novel in the summer of 1997, it wasn’t until 2001 that a film adaptation arrived. By then, the Potter book series was known around the world — unlike the young actors selected to play the likes of Harry, Ron, Hermione, and their Hogwarts classmates. After the first Potter film’s arrival, however, the world was officially taken with Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint. Throughout the course of eight films, fans watched the trio grow up before their eyes onscreen, making the final film an emotional ride for anyone who had spent the previous decade watching the series unfold. Although the response to the spin-off Fantastic Beasts series has been decent, it’s always been more Potter that fans want, making the upcoming reunion a genuine cause for excitement.

And while the guest list for HBO Max’s Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts is an impressive one that includes not only Radcliffe, Watson, and Grint, but also many others such as Helena Bonham Carter, Ralph Fiennes, and Robbie Coltrane, one star in particular who wasn’t a part of the series wants in on the celebration. Rebecca Ferguson, known most recently for her role in the Denis Villeneuve hit, Dune, took to her official Instagram recently to make it clear that if the reunion requires an extra centaur, she’s up for it. Check out her full post below, complete with a handy image of what she’d look like as a centaur.

The centaurs of the Forbidden Forest, which is found on the Hogwarts grounds, played a surprisingly considerable role in many of the Potter films, particularly the fifth one. But it’s the first film where the audience is introduced to these friendly but powerful creatures. Of all the characters in the Wizarding World, it seems somewhat odd that it’s the centaurs that Ferguson seems to find the most appealing. Not that they weren’t interesting enough, but it’s unlikely that they will play much of a role in the reunion special. Then again, at present no one really has any idea of what shape the reunion will take or its focus.

At the same time, however, it’s safe to say that HBO’s Harry Potter reunion will play out as most high-profile reunions do: with the cast seated on a stage, answering questions and reminiscing. This being the case, Ferguson’s desire to play a “role” in the reunion is kind of a moot point. It’s still funny to think of her as a centaur, but the cast that made the series as memorable as it is has long been established.

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