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Grey’s Anatomy: 5 Jackson Avery Plot Holes That Make No Sense

Jackson Avery may be a Grey’s Anatomy fan-favorite, but a lot of his storylines just didn’t make any sense during his 12 years on the show.

During his time on Grey’s Anatomy from season 6 to season 17, Jackson Avery made his mark at Grey Sloan and quickly became a fan-favorite character. He had his fair share of dramatic plots and plenty of compelling stories opposite other lead characters. However, avid Jackson fans will have noticed that not all of his storylines across the 12 seasons made sense.

5 His Relationship With Maggie

Jackson and Maggie got together in season 15, and from the get-go they seemed like anything but a match made in heaven. In fact, Jackson spent more time trying to mold Maggie into his idea of the perfect partner, rather than accepting her for who she was.

Their relationship really hit the rocks later in the season however, when Jackson shamefully vanished on Maggie with no warning or explanation. This insensitive behaviour was very out of character – even for a known womanizer like Jackson Avery. In hindsight, it makes no sense that these two completely opposite characters were paired together at all.

4 He Never Suffers The Consequences

Over his 12 years on the show, Jackson went head to head with many characters. From his stand-offs with colleagues, to his tumultuous romantic relationships, it’s safe to say that he wasn’t shy when it came to confrontation. However, not once did the plastics surgeon face any real consequences for his actions.

It seems baffling that this character got away with being so uncaring, arrogant, and outright rude to so many for so long. Perhaps being an Avery granted him lenience, but it still seems unrealistic that none of his spurned lovers held him accountable for his betrayals.

3 His Character Only Ever Revolved Around Others

Despite his many stories and dramatic plots, eagle eyed fans have pointed out that Jackson Avery is not exactly a stand-alone character. All of his storylines hinge on another lead character and often centre around either his family name, or one of his many relationships. Yet as an individual, Jackson is hardly a crowd pleaser and is very easy to overlook.

While this issue is more of a writing oversight rather than a character plot hole, it seems nonsensical that this character wasn’t used to his full potential throughout his time on the show.

2 He Became More And More Unlikeable

In his last few years at Grey Sloan, Jackson’s story arc became weaker and more repetitive, as he jumped from one rocky romance to another.

The fact that Jackson couldn’t maintain a relationship was hardly a revelation at this point in the show. However, what didn’t make sense is that with every new partner he seemed to become more unpleasant and obnoxious. By his exit season his character development had all but completely halted, and fans were never offered an explanation as to why before he left Seattle for Boston.

1 His Relationship With April

For many seasons, Jackson and April were considered to be a fan-favorite couple. However, with so much history and more than their fair share of drama between them, there was a lot about their relationship that left fans baffled.

Like with many of Jackson’s partners, he and April didn’t exactly seem like the perfect match. They had very little in common and disagreed about a lot over the years. It seems strange and somewhat unrealistic that the relationship between these two polar opposite characters was painfully prolonged for so long, and without even a happy ending.

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