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The Walking Dead: World Beyond Finally Explained the CRM’s Nefarious Plots

In “Blood and Lies,” details about the CRM’s ultimate goals started to come to light, and if it succeeds, its allies will pay the price.

Ever since mysterious, black helicopters showed up in The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, fans of the franchise have wondered what they could mean. World Beyond explained that they were part of the Civic Republic Military. At first, details on the CRM were very hard to come by, but it was clear that the group was villainous. As the series has progressed, it has slowly revealed more details about the cloak and dagger group, and in “Blood and Lies,” World Beyond finally revealed some details behind the CRM’s nefarious plots.

Last week’s episode showed Iris, Hope, Felix, Percy and Leo all deciding to stay inside of the CRM research facility, rather than trying to escape. Their motivation: Huck stole some papers that could possibly prove that the CRM’s intentionally destroyed Omaha. With deciphering the messages as their goal, they stayed to find out what was really going on, and it’s a good thing that they did. By the end of “Blood and Lies,” they uncovered the CRM’s ultimate goal.

As part of last week’s covert investigation, Felix and Huck broke into a secret lab and stole a vial of something, but the CRM figured out that the vial was missing. Lyla tried to say that she simply misplaced it, but Jadis knew that she was lying. So, Jadis also brought Leo in for questioning and tabbed Huck as the interrogator. Trying to walk the line as a double agent, Huck questioned Leo and only stopped when Lyla showed up with the missing vial.

Claiming that their father’s life was on the line, she had offered a deal to Iris and Hope to tell them all of the CRM’s secrets if they gave up the vial. They agreed, so Lyla went to “rescue” Leo. Unfortunately, though, she snitched, hoping to convince Jadis that Leo would be helpful to their experiments. Jadis seemingly agreed, but later on, she released a zombified test subject which killed Lyla, thus, leaving Leo as the lead scientist for the CRM’s work.

What Lyla told Iris and Hope, as part of their deal, was important. She admitted that the CRM had killed everyone in Omaha and the Campus Colony as part of a trial for Project Votus. The initiative involved killing people with a gaseous combination of chlorine and an algae-derived chemical extract. The mixture was supposed to prolong the time before their reanimation. The eventual goal was to stop the reanimation altogether and save the human race, but small steps and large numbers of test subjects were needed to do so. Lyla hated what she did, but the CRM didn’t give her a choice.

At the end of the episode, Jadis informed Huck of all of the details of Project Votus, and she was appalled to find out that what happed at Omaha wasn’t supposed to be a one-time occurrence. When he questioned her, Huck told Percy everything, and Percy communicated it back to the rest of the group. It turned out that CRM was already planning to do the same thing to Portland.

Clearly, the CRM never planned on having a long-term alliance. It was bound and determined to be a savior to the world, and that meant that no other community could stand in its way of resources or glory. Thus, the “Alliance of Three” was, in reality, only a way for the CRM to identify its biggest competitors.

To see if Iris, Hope and their group can warn Portland, tune into The Walking Dead: World Beyond. The series airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on AMC and is available to stream early on AMC+.

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