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The Walking Dead season 11: Will we see a Carol and Leah showdown?

It feels like fans have been waiting forever for The Walking Dead to grace our screens again. And hopefully, it won’t be too long until we get some much-needed TWD news! In the last week, however, we have been lucky to get some new content.

The Art of AMC’s The Walking Dead Universe book was released this week, and it contains many inside facts, details, drawings, and more from across the entire The Walking Dead universe. Plus, showrunner Angela Kang confirmed on social media that it won’t be long until the part B trailer for Season 11 drops. How exciting

We are approaching the next part of the season, which premieres on February 20, 2022, with many storylines building with tension and many characters are now turning down interesting story arc alleys. One of them is Leah Shaw Lynn Collins, who has thrown Daryl under the bus by killing Pope and then blaming Daryl. But let’s not forget Carol Melissa McBride is still at Alexandria, and despite her and Daryl’s Norman Reedus current friction, if she knew the danger he was in, she wouldn’t hesitate to help.

The Walking Dead, Carol and Leah showdown?
As it stands, Leah has shown her true colors in 1108, For Blood, with her fast-changing loyalties. It seemed like the Pope was a ‘brother’ to Leah and someone she felt dedicated to for taking her in. But clearly, she wasn’t seeing him as a family as she said but more of a way of her getting to power.

Leah killed the Pope and seemed to have no regret nor hesitation in doing so. With Pope gone and an open hand to runaway with Daryl, it seemed like the option for her was to live happily ever after with him and Dog, but this wasn’t the case. Leah uses her radio to tell her fellow Reaper’ brothers’ that Daryl killed Pope and orders them to retreat so she can fire the hwacha at Negan, Maggie, Elijah, and fellow allies what

As this fierce battle comes to blows, Carol is stationed at Alexandria, helping to try and fix the broken walls surrounding it during a violent storm. But, Carol is strong and will do all she can to try and make her and her family’s home safe from any threats that will enter through the fallen fences. Of course, she is no stranger to putting her neck on the line to save those she loves.

But will there be a moment in the remainder of Season 11 where Carol and Leah will meet and battle for what is right. Despite Carol and Daryl still not being on the greatest of terms, they would do anything for each other. When Carol finds out precisely what Leah has done, it may be an ‘I told you so’ to Daryl but also may unleash the rage of this badass we have seen many times before, I mean 501 “No Sanctuary” I don’t think Leah knows who she is messing with!

It isn’t yet known if these two strong female fighters will battle in the upcoming TWD episodes, but I think it would be a fantastic scene to have! Leah has shown she wants power and doesn’t care who stands in her way, despite Daryl confessing in 1106 “On The Inside” that he is engaging with the Reapers because he cares about Leah, and “Find Me” shows viewers their history with each other.

It is easy to imagine Carol and Leah engaging in some close contact weapon-wielding battle. And if they did, I don’t think either would come out uninjured with the experienced warriors they are. Daryl is still clearly very close to Carol’s heart, and Leah seems to want Daryl and his community wiped out, which are slightly different.

Some fans may have suspected this of Leah from the off, and others may have wanted to give her a chance to see what she is like and the outcome of her arc. Hopefully, the resolution to all of this is Daryl and Carol making up, Leah realizing what she has done is wrong and surrendering before changing her ways which unfortunately is very unlikely, and of course, Dog being safe and sound! Let’s hope he doesn’t take Leah’s side too!

Season 11 will sure hold some intense scenes that may be difficult to watch of our favorite characters. But a big well done to all of the cast and crew for bringing these stories to life. Of course, for this arc, especially McBride, Reedus and Collins!

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