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The Originals: 10 Best Love Stories In The Series

Creating unique love stories that draw in different audiences is not the easiest of endeavors, but The Originals and its currently running spinoff, Legacies, do this effortlessly. Through the five seasons that the show aired, it featured many relationships that pushed characters to put aside their selfishness and give into their hearts’ desires.While not every relationship in the series was perfect, characters entered into realistic situations where they had to figure out how to keep their partners in their lives. This added element is important for people to see as it offers a wider variety of adult relationships that don’t always get acknowledged. That being said, there are more than a few love stories in this series that deserve proper recognition.

Klaus and Caroline

While there are many unpopular opinions about Klaroline, this relationship remains one of the best in the show. Caroline’s stubborn, type A personality is just the kind that Klaus finds completely adorable, which, of course, makes her furious.Their chemistry only increases whenever Caroline denies him. It makes sense considering, Klaus, as part werewolf, loves the chase and Caroline, no doubt, loves the attention and control it gives her. Of course, this romance was much more prominent on The Vampire Diaries than on The Originals.
Marcel and Cami.Marcel and Cami have a relationship that is born out of friendship and respect. Marcel treasures her because she is human and has a strong moral compass. She makes him feel alive again.That being said, they did have a summer fling that never became much more, but their friendship remained steadfast after. When she died, Marcel mourned for her as if she were still his lover though some fans thought Cami had way overstayed her welcome at that point.

Rebekah and Marcel

Rebekah and Marcel are a rebellious couple who don’t consider other people in their plans, but that’s exactly what makes their relationship thrive. They love the chaos that dangerous love entails until Klaus gets involved.

Their forbidden love becomes a tragedy because of her brother’s jealously and paternal nature towards Marcel. While their relationship does become rocky later on, Rebekah and Marcel always have feelings for each other.

Klaus and Cami

Klaus has feelings for Cami, which is rare for him since she’s a human. However, he likes her not because she’s weak or because he’s lustful, but because he genuinely cares about her as a person.While Klaus is one of the most powerful and vengeful people in the TVD universe, he has a soft spot for women who aren’t afraid to challenge him. Cami knows that Klaus is emotionally damaged, but still able to change for the promise of love.

Davina and Kol

Davina and Kol are a fiery couple who both seem to act out of emotion. Even though Kol lied to Davina about who he was at the beginning of their relationship, his charm more than makes up for it in Davina’s eyes.While they don’t always make decisions with clear heads, they do work together because they want to be together and get out of the Mikaelson family drama.

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