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Teen Wolf: The Best Episode Of Each Season, According To IMDb

Every season of Teen Wolf has a particularly iconic episode that stands out. Here’s the best episode from each season, according to its IMDb rating.

Viewers didn’t have high hopes when MTV announced a Teen Wolf drama series based on the 1985 comedy film. Yet despite the first season’s cheesy plotlines and mediocre acting, Scott and Stiles quickly captured fans’ hearts. The show is such a success that Paramount+ is currently producing a Teen Wolf revival movie with members of the original cast set to return.
As a whole, Teen Wolf holds an IMDb score of 7.6, with its third season earning especially impressive ratings from users. Each season has one episode that stands out among the rest, and these fan-favorite installments can be determined by browsing Teen Wolf’s IMDb page.

Season 1: “Code Breaker” – 9.0

What Teen Wolf’s first season lacks in cinematic quality and craftsmanship, it makes up for with its characters and their relationships. There’s no shortage of cringe-worthy lines while the show finds its footing, yet the bond between best friends Scott and Stiles adds an unforeseen layer of depth. Scott and Allison’s romance is initially portrayed as surface-level, but episode 12, “Code Breaker,” reveals its depth.

It comes as no surprise that the finale is the highest-rated episode of the season, given all the storylines that it concludes. Allison finally sees Scott for who he is, and her line “because I love you,” is Allison’s most romantic quote in Teen Wolf. She echoes Scott’s own words back to him, and their relationship comes full circle. In addition to tying up season-long plotlines, the series introduces a new one. Lydia’s body doesn’t accept or reject Peter’s werewolf bite, which poses an endless amount of questions for the second season to answer.

Season 2: “Fury” – 9.1

It doesn’t bring the series to its full strength, but the second season of Teen Wolf is a step in the right direction. The characters, stories, and relationships all become significantly more fleshed out, and the show maintains its humor while shedding the cringe factor. Although the season finale is also a captivating installment, episode 9, “Fury,” deserves the highest rating.
With the identity of the Kanima made known, Scott and Stiles realize that their classmate, Matt, has been controlling it. Everything comes to a head, and Melissa even discovers that her son is a werewolf. Despite all the plot twists, the most entertaining part of the episode is when Derek and Stiles are paralyzed and forced to tolerate each other’s inaudible mumbling.

Season 3: “Riddled” – 9.4

The third season of Teen Wolf features a massive improvement in terms of both production value and overall quality. More than half of the episodes have a score of 9.0 or higher on IMDb, and episode 18, “Riddled,” just barely tops “The Divine Move” and “Insatiable,” which both received a 9.3 rating. “Riddled” is highly acclaimed for starting a fan-favorite plotline.

Dylan O’Brien’s acting skills are put to the test as void-Stiles, who is unrecognizable from the lovable teenager. The nogistune is the darkest villain viewers have seen, and O’Brien does an impressive job at portraying him. Additionally, the 18th episode highlights the unconditional love that makes up the show’s focal relationship. Scott will do anything to save Stiles, and the characters all come together to find him.

Season 4: “Smoke And Mirrors” – 9.0

In comparison to the third season, Teen Wolf season 4 falls flat. The show loses fan-favorite characters such as Allison and Isaac, and viewers didn’t welcome their replacements with open arms. Yet there is still a handful of notable episodes, with episode 12, “Smoke and Mirrors,” earning the highest rating.
It’s a vital installment for fans of Derek Hale, as his character arc comes to a satisfying conclusion. His emotional transformation prompts a physical one, and Derek evolves into a full wolf. The episode also features a vital moment between Scott and Liam. Liam finally realizes that werewolves aren’t monsters, and he is the only one able to get through to Scott as the berserker.

Season 5: “Lie Ability” – 9.1

With fans waiting years for their ship to sail, it’s only fitting that the show delivers. The relationship between Stiles and Lydia in Teen Wolf is responsible for drawing in viewers and keeping them invested for six seasons. The fifth season’s episode 16, “Lie Ability,” delivers a significant shift between the fan-favorite pairing as Stiles creates and enacts a plan to break Lydia out of Eichen House.

It’s a nerve-racking and exhausting hour, with Stiles’s desperation to save Lydia clearer by the minute. The entire McCall pack plays a part in getting her out, and it’s heartwarming to watch them team up to save such a beloved character, but Stiles and Lydia’s connection is the backbone of the episode.

Season 6: “Radio Silence” – 9.5

Not only does it have the best IMDb score in season 6, but episode 5, “Radio Silence,” is the highest-rated episode of Teen Wolf overall. While it shines for a number of reasons, there’s one in particular that’s responsible for the overwhelmingly positive response.

It’s no secret that Stiles Stilinski is a fan-favorite character, and for the first time ever, viewers are forced to go episodes without his sarcastic comments and awkward energy. When he returns halfway through the season, Teen Wolf gives viewers a glimpse into his time with the Wild Hunt. The story is entertaining as a whole, but Stiles making contact with Scott and Lydia packs an emotional punch.

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