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Stranger Things Just Spoiled A Heartbreaking Season 4 Twist

The latest trailer for Stranger Things season 4 may be trying to hide the tragic twist that the show’s longest lasting couple have broken up.

The latest Stranger Things season 4 trailer could reveal that one of the show’s longest-lasting romances is in peril in the long-awaited outing. Since the series began, Netflix hit Stranger Things has not been kind to any incurable romantics in the show’s audience. As a scifi horror series, it is no surprise that Stranger Things features its fair share of grisly deaths and tragic moments, but as a nostalgic teen dramedy, the Netflix hit has often set up sweet love stories only to brutally deconstruct them. Stranger Things season 2 paired Joyce Byers with the kind-hearted Bob Newby only to kill off the character at the close of the season, while season 3 saw Hopper attempt to woo the recently-bereaved heroine. While Hopper’s pushy, unlikable Stranger Things season 3 self left many fans hoping Joyce would reject his advances, few viewers could have predicted that the season would end with a second suitor of hers being killed off. Although Hopper’s apparent death has since been retconned, Stranger Things season 4 still looks set to end an even more central romance according to its latest teaser.
The most recent trailer for Stranger Things season 4, “Welcome to California,” shows Mike reading a letter from Eleven, who can’t wait to be reunited with her estranged boyfriend for Spring Break. However, as some canny fans have noted, the trailer barely shows Mike and there may be a heartbreaking reason for that. The camera angle that Mike is seen from hides much of the bedroom behind him from view, very possibly because there’s another love interest just out of shot, and he has moved on from his first crush in the time between seasons. Stranger Things season 4’s time jump will allow the show to age up its rapidly growing cast, but the passing time could also allow the series to break up its oldest couple and break the hearts of many fans in the process.

However, fans can take solace in the fact that this is not the first time that Stranger Things has teased the possibility of Eleven and Mike breaking up. While season 1 saw the young duo tentatively hold hands for the first time, season 2 introduced Max while Eleven was out of the picture and teased the possibility of Mike losing interest in his missing love interest. However, it soon became clear that Max and Mike had no interest in each other, while Eleven and Mike’s season 3 break up was a short-lived subplot that saw them soon reunite without much conflict.

Like fellow Stranger Things couple Jonathan and Nancy, Eleven and Mike have been put through the wringer by the action of the series, and a breakup in season 4 could be a touch too much for fans annoyed by the constant trauma the series piles on them. That said, revealing that Eleven and Mike have grown apart could also be a poignant reminder that their characters are no longer the children of Stranger Things season 1 and could prove moving if handled with care. Either way, fans will have to wait until summer 2022 when Stranger Things season 4 finally arrives to find out.

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