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Teen Wolf: The Best Ship In Each Season

There are several fan-favorite ships in Teen Wolf, and each season features one more heavily than the rest. Here are the couples who shine the most.

There are ongoing plotlines throughout every season of Teen Wolf, many of which center around the characters and the relationships that form between them. In the beginning especially, romance steals the spotlight and quickly becomes one of the show’s main draws.

Chemistry is vital for a ship to be successful, but their actual love story plays an equally important role. If the foundation isn’t there, the chemistry is bound to fizzle out. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of great couples in Teen Wolf, and each season tends to focus on one more than the others.

Season 1: Scott And Allison

As life-changing as Scott’s transition is, everything seems to pale in comparison to his relationship with Allison. Jackson and Lydia are also together during the first season, but there’s no competition since they’re one of the worst couples in Teen Wolf.

While Jackson can’t care less about Lydia’s feelings, Scott goes out of his way to make sure Allison is safe and happy. In many ways, it seems as if Scallison’s romance is the overarching plot, and Scott becoming a werewolf is simply an obstacle for them to conquer.

Season 2: Scott And Allison

Scott and Allison continue to be the main romance during Teen Wolf Season 2, and their relationship is featured in an entirely different capacity. Now that Allison is aware of Scott’s identity, there are no secrets threatening to tear the two apart. The high-stakes create a profound bond between them, making Scallison stand out from other teen drama couples.
As the season goes on, Scott and Allison find themselves on opposing sides of a supernatural war, which further complicates their romance. However, it also adds an extra layer of depth. Their break-up isn’t due to a loss of love, as Scott believes they’ll find their way back to each other in the future.

Season 3: Stiles And Lydia

zStiles has had a crush on Lydia since the third grade, but a romance between them doesn’t appear to be a real prospect until Teen Wolf Season 3. These episodes are the most crucial to developing their relationship, as it establishes the foundation they previously lacked.

Although it’s disregarded due to the abnormal circumstances, Stiles and Lydia share the best kiss in Teen Wolf during Season 3, Episode 11, “Alpha Pact.” Lydia leans on Stiles more heavily than anyone, and their relationship starts heading in a slow, but definitive, direction.

Season 4: Stiles And Malia

Stiles and Malia aren’t a popular couple, as most viewers see them as a means to an end. Regardless of whether they have a large fanbase, their romance is the most heavily featured in Teen Wolf Season 4. Malia and Stiles are each other’s firsts, and they play a crucial part in each other’s lives.

Stiles teaches Malia what it means to be human, while Malia gives Stiles the support he craves. They refuse to leave one another behind, no matter the danger, and Stiles acts as Malia’s anchor when she loses control.

Season 5: Scott And Kira

Scott and Kira spend the fourth season in the early stages of their relationship, causing them to further shine in Teen Wolf Season 5. The awkwardness between Scott and Kira has vanished, but it’s clear that the butterflies remain.
They become one of the most stable couples in the series, and Scott’s first “I love you,” to Kira is an especially iconic moment. It’s difficult to imagine them ever breaking up, which causes Kira’s exit from the series to come as a shock. Her decision to train with the Skinwalkers is empowering, but viewers strongly believe Kira would have gone back for Scott afterward.

Season 6, Part One: Stiles And Lydia

The seasons are often split up into two parts, but Teen Wolf Season 6A and Season 6B put a heavy emphasis on two different relationships. Stiles and Lydia are front and center during the first ten episodes, despite Dylan O’Brien’s limited role throughout. The show manages to work around the actor’s schedule by focusing the storyline on Stiles’s disappearance.

Lydia’s love for Stiles is the driving force of the plot, as she is the only character who refuses to stop searching for him. Scott, Malia, and even Sheriff Stilinski fall prey to the Ghost Rider’s brainwashing, but Lydia is certain that someone is missing. She doesn’t give up until Stiles is home, which easily makes Lydia his best love interest in Teen Wolf.

Season 6, Part Two: Scott And Malia

The development between Scott and Malia catches the audience off-guard, and fans have mixed opinions about the route their relationship takes. There’s no denying that the two should have had prior build-up, but their romance is a highlight of an otherwise dull season.

Scott and Malia appear to be opposites in many ways, but in Teen Wolf Season 6, it’s revealed that they’re the same at heart. Even when Stiles is Malia’s anchor, it’s Scott who gives her the desire to change. They appear rushed, yet it’s not unrealistic for a switch to suddenly flip between two friends.

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