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You Season 2 Line Spoils Dark Season 3 Twist

You season 3 ends with a dark twist in the Netflix psychological thriller, but an innocuous line from season 2 may have secretly spoiled it.

Netflix’s You season 3 ends with a dark twist, and an innocuous line from season 2 of the series may have secretly spoiled it. In You season 2, Penn Badgley’s Joe Goldberg tried to have a new start in Los Angeles but inevitably fell back into his usual disturbing patterns. The season ended with Joe and his serial-killing lover, Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), heading to the suburbs and awaiting the arrival of their new baby. Unfortunately, Joe’s attempt at another new life lands him in hot water again. He quickly becomes obsessed with his mysterious new neighbor, which leaves Love feeling like she needs to take things into her own hands.

Both Badgley and Pedretti return as Joe and Love in You season 3, but the series also adds several fresh faces. Michaela McManus takes the role of Natalie Engler, Joe’s neighbor and latest obsession. However, Natalie is married to a tech entrepreneur named Matthew Engler (Scott Speedman), which could complicate things for Joe. In addition, Love has her own problems in season 3, dealing with a potential new love in Theo Engler (Dylan Arnold) and a possible rival in Sherry Conrad (Shalita Grant), a momfluencer who’s also the queen bee of the Madre Linda suburbs.
You season 3 ends with a dark twist involving Love and Joe, and season 2 already hinted at it. In the You season 3 finale, Love tries to kill Joe with wolfsbane, a paralytic she’s been growing in a garden. She laces a knife handle with the drug, and Joe seemingly falls into her trap in the You season 3 finale, collapsing to the ground and becoming paralyzed. However, Joe suspected something was up and took an antidote before the murder attempt. When Love tries to slit Joe’s throat, he surprises her by snapping out of his incapacitated state and stabbing her in the leg with a syringe full of wolfsbane. Love dies on the floor, and Joe sets the scene to look like a suicide. It’s a dark ending, and it calls back to a line from season 2, where Joe and Love say they “wolf” each other.

You season 2 hinted at Love’s shocking ending. In season 2, episode 5, “Have a Good Wellkend, Joe,” Joe and Love have a moment where they decide that “love” is a complicated word to say to each other, and their new word points to Love’s season 3 death. Instead of saying they “love” each other, they say, “I wolf you.” The pair come up with the term due to a toy wolf that’s beside them. Because both Love and Joe attempt to kill each other using wolfsbane, You season 2 seemingly hinted at the pair’s ending all along. In season 2, Love even mimes stabbing Joe in the neck with the toy wolf, further driving home the point about the couple’s tragic wolfsbane conclusion.

The “wolf you” moment also hinted at even more reveals in the series. During the season 2 scene, Love says that Joe is like a part of her “pack.” Later in a You season 2 twist, Love reveals she’s also a murderer, showing that her earlier lines weren’t just symbolic. They are part of the same pack with the same violent tendencies and obsessions. In the end, as troubling as the pair’s relationship was in You, it’s clear they did “wolf” each other.

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