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The Magic Order 2 Introduces a New Threat for the Future Netflix Series

As the Magic Order 2 begins, the team of future Netflix heroes faces a dangerous new supernatural villain that could destroy the world.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Magic Order Vol. 2 #1, on sale from Image Comics.

When Netflix purchased Mark Millar’s Millarworld imprint, one of the properties fans were eager to see adapted was The Magic Order. Although an initial attempt to turn the hit comic book into a series petered out, it’s back in the works. And now, the world of the upcoming Netflix series has returned with The Magic Order 2 #1, by Mark Millar, Stuart Immonen, Sunny Gho and Clem Robins.

Already, the stakes are as high as ever as the series unveils a dark order that wants to bring down the empire the Moonstone legacy created.

After Gabriel’s betrayal and death in the first series, his daughter Rosie is honing her craft as a mage, showing off at her birthday party. Regan, her guardian, is still working supernatural cases with his cousin, Eddie, with the rest of the order overseeing things and happy with the job Cordelia has done since taking over. She’s living up to her promise, although everyone’s wondering what her dad’s up to as Leonard’s off soul-searching.

Still, the ship’s running smoothly, although Cordelia’s personal life is a mess. This leaves the family a tad concerned, but she’s getting things done on a professional level. However, she’s worried as there’s an exhibition coming up and she needs a supernatural showcase no one’s ever seen before, which only adds to the pressure on herself.
Their new rivals are actually old ones, as the opening act in Bucharest confirms, the Korne family wants vengeance. Victor’s leading the charge, and he’s furious that he’s working in a recycling plant when he should be ruling the magical world. We don’t see his powers at this point, but the elder, Brigitta, is in a park, using mind-control powers over humans and animals.

She’s got fishes in the lake eating each other, which showing Victor’s son, Jakob, how depraved she can be by urging two cops to shoot everyone up at the park before shooting themselves. Brigitta couldn’t flex her powers like this, with Leonard’s order placing sanctions on them over the centuries. But now she’s embracing how Victor wants a revolution. He makes it clear, with Cordelia in charge, the order’s vulnerable and they need to strike fast.

Victor admits they’ve got more families so with numbers in their favor, so they don’t need to fear anyone. He’s got his wand, plus Jakob seems to be hiding massive abilities of his own, so he’s confident in their uprising and breaking of the rule. One other key figure who does get to show his skills, though, is Zhang, an immortal who blows a plane up while inside. While Zhang is cut in half, Victor arrives with his squad, creating an illusion so they can speak to Zhang alone.

They hate how he’s using his talents to collect insurance money and invite him to the rebellion. He accepts with a sinister smile as they begin making moves. As the London chapter arrives at Rosie’s birthday to warn Cordelia, This recontextualizes the book’s opening line about Cordelia casting a spell that could doom Earth. It might be linked to fighting off the Dark, but only time will tell as London confirms the order is officially the hunted.

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