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Modern Family Main Characters Ranked Least To Most Likely To Win The Squid Game

The characters of Modern Family have some surprising skills and abilities that would render them able (or unable) to win the deadly Squid Game.

The Netflix series Squid Game has taken the world by storm, becoming one of the most popular and best-received series for the streamer. It’s not hard to see why, since the series is a parable of the fraught state of the world, particularly the people who are financially struggling.

Though the characters of Modern Family couldn’t be more different than those in Squid Game, there’s no doubt that some of them would be more likely to win the competition than others and that some would be lucky to get past the first few rounds.


At first glance, it might seem that Cam would be a prime candidate to win the Squid Game. He has a competitive streak that has served him well in the past, and his skills as a football coach would come in handy. However, Cam is a very excitable person, and he’s not always the most stable person in a high-pressure moment. This would render him into the perfect victim for another, more unscrupulous competitor, who would not hesitate to take advantage of his moment of confusion.


Mitchell is a bit better in a crisis than Cam, and he tends to have a more practical, pragmatic approach to the various challenges that life throws in their way. However, he has some of Cam’s other characteristics, and he tends to lose his head once the crisis reaches a certain point. More importantly, he also tends to get in his own way when it comes to dealing with problems, and his tendency to overanalyze things means that he wouldn’t last too long in the Squid Game.


There’s no question that Phil is one of the most likable characters in Modern Family, which is much in evidence in the way that he lavishes attention on his wife and children. However, there are times when he shows that he has a harder edge–particularly when it comes to his competitors in the real estate business–meaning that he could at least make it quite a way in Squid Game. However, his innately good nature means that, eventually, he’d be taken out before he could win.


Manny is, like Phil, a generally decent person, and he also shows that has a mix of intellect and sensitivity that is all his own. While this makes him a very likable character, his sensitivity would come to be a liability.

Though his intelligence would allow him to figure out the rules of the game and do well at individual competitions, it’s very unlikely that he would have the sort of ruthless attitude that would allow him to see it through to the end.


Haley is not exactly the most driven character of the show, but what she does have, as a result of her many Modern Family storylines, both good and bad, is a strong sense of her own hopes and dreams. What’s more, she’s shown on more than one occasion that she can make the difficult decisions, even if that means hurting some feelings (her many romances demonstrate this most forcefully). She’s the kind of person that might feel bad about what she has to do as she pursues victory in the Squid Game, but she would be in it to win it.


If Phil is the good cop in the household, Claire is the bad cop, the one who always has to take the more responsible road. More than that, she shows repeatedly that she has ambitions and that she wants to do more than be a housewife (even though she is one of TV’s – and Modern Family’s best moms). Thus, she becomes part of her father’s company and even runs for office. These aspects of her character demonstrate that, when it comes down to it, she has what it takes to win a cut-throat competition like the Squid Game.


Luke is one of those characters that, at first glance, doesn’t seem like the type that would make it very far in Squid Game but, as he shows time and again, there are depths to his personality that don’t always appear on the surface.

Aside from everything else, he shows that he has an innate knack for surviving and thriving in the wilderness, and it’s just this type of instinctual understanding of the world that would allow him to win the Squid Game.


Of the three Dunphy siblings, Alex is without a doubt the most driven and the most intellectual. She has dreams and ambitions, and she knows what it takes to get there (which is why she is always such a success at school). Though she loves her family, she’s not the type to let her emotions get in the way of what she wants to accomplish. If she were immersed in the deadly world of the Squid Game, there’s no question that she would have what it takes to win and that she’d see it through to the end.


Gloria is always something of a wild card (and there’s lot about Gloria that doesn’t make sense), and while she is prone to letting her emotions and feelings get the better of her, she’s shown that she knows just how to work Jay to get what she wants. Among other things, she’s willing to let him think he’s won an argument, while secretly knowing that was the victor. This shows that she has a skill at manipulating people, which is exactly what she could use to emerge as the victor of the Squid Game.


Of all of the characters in Modern Family, Jay is exactly the type that would be the most likely to emerge as the winner of the Squid Game. Like all of the most effective contestants, he’s not the type to let emotion get in the way of victory. As the owner of his own business, he knows very well that there are times when you have to do unpleasant things to get ahead. He would be able to put his skills to use to survive, thrive, and ultimately win the Squid Game.

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