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Supergirl Left Shippers Disappointed – And That’s for the Best

Supergirl Season 6 was all about Kara’s journey of understanding herself. While there was some brief flirtation with William at CatCo, The Girl of Steel didn’t make any time for dating. Of course, ending the hit superhero series with Kara single left some fans disappointed.

But it really is for the best for both logistical and emotional reasons. The first half of Season 6 saw Kara struggling to survive in the Phantom Zone and its latter half focused on how she rebuilt a new life after undergoing such extreme trauma. There was no time for romance.

Kara spent a lot of time in the Phantom Zone, which showed her for perhaps the first time what it’s like to feel powerless in the world. Filled with fear and stripped of her super abilities, Kara had to dig deep to find the same messages of hope she so often gives others. If that wasn’t enough, she also reunited with her father, Zor-El, who she thought was dead. Although the two eventually made it out of the dreaded realm, the pair had to separate once more so Zor-El could finally see his wife. This one arc alone already gave Kara plenty to process.

But, of course, there’s not really time for that nor digging too deep into her Phantom Zone trauma as the world needs to be saved once more from the likes of Phantoms, Nyxly, and Lex Luthor. She barely gets enough time to show her father how to use freeze breath before he departs and Nyxly terrorizes National City. As Kara faces off against Nyxly, this too leads to another huge area of growth for Kara. Throughout her superhero battles, she never really spent too much time thinking how it’d affect those living in National City, particularly in “Blind Spots.” Through this episode — and its Orlando arc — we not only meet the new Guardian, but see Kara wrestling with her privilege as a white alien who does often puts the fate of the world first — despite what damage that might cause.

When there wasn’t a battle to be fought, Kara spent her time adjusting to her new role as an Aunt to Esme. This led to some difficult but essential conversations between Alex and Kara around raising an alien child, but it ultimately paved the way for them to heal some old wounds. Kara finds new resolve in statements like, “I need to protect my family.” And frankly, most of her time — that’s never really that free — is spent in the Tower with her Super Friends. When the universe is at stake, Kara stays close to her family. She doesn’t go out and start dating again.

Although there are definitely some fans who wanted to see Kara and Lena strike up a romance, there wasn’t enough time to thoughtfully land an arc like that. Sure, they were in the perfect position to do that — they hang at the same spots, they love each other, they save the world together all the time — but a show like Supergirl never races towards queer storylines. If it was to happen, the show would have needed to seed Kara and Lena’s bisexual identities much earlier. And even if the show took a subtle route — as you can argue they’ve always been bisexual and just never talked about it — a full relationship would have required much more screen time for Lena and Kara than the show had to give them in the final season.

“Kara,” Supergirl’s final episode, was more about The Girl of Steel learning to accept herself and a life that’s complicated and joyous. Her coming out as Supergirl is, in its own way, a wonderful queer metaphor. Similarly, we see Lena truly embrace her witchy powers/self. The show doesn’t end up on them together, or Kara with anyone romantically. It chooses to say: self-love is essential to everyone’s journey. We can imagine what comes next — and maybe that is Lena Luthor.

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