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Supernatural: The 5 Best Episodes Of The Series

What’s your favorite Supernatural episode? Reddit fans have some opinions about which episodes rank highest from the show’s 15 seasons.

Even though Supernatural aired its final episode back in 2020, fans on Reddit are still debating about their favorite episodes from the long-running series. While many users agree that the trickster episodes are some of the best in the show because of their silly gags and inventive story-telling techniques, others would say that the series is at its best when it explores the relationship between the brothers and their emotional states.

Changing Channels

“Changing Channels” is yet again another Trickster classic that deserves recognition. Kelllzz says that “‘Changing Channels’ is my all-time favorite for non-plot Sam and Dean action.”

This episode from season 5 not only pokes fun at other kinds of cable TV shows, but it also is the episode that reveals the Trickster to be the Archangel Gabriel, who has a much bigger stake in the impending apocalypse. While Gabriel gets to play his little games in this episode, what makes it noteworthy is that it ends with him finally being put in a vulnerable position, which adds to the stakes of the overall season.

Swan Song

Many Reddit users agreed that “Swan Song” is one of the best episodes in all of Supernatural. This episode’s appeal is pretty self-explanatory. Not only did it mark the end of the Kripke era, which featured some unusual storylines, but it was also the show’s original ending. As ZSR319 writes, “I would say “Swan Song” [is my favorite]. For me, it had everything: drama, suspense, humor, and did everything so well.”

Weekend At Bobby’s

“Weekend at Bobby’s” is a character study of the Winchester boys’ honorary uncle, Bobby. As Redditor BH098 puts it, “Weekend at Bobby’s” “is an amazing episode [that] shows how essential Bobby is to the boys in the early seasons.”

Bobby is a curmudgeonly older hunter who has vast experience in all things that go bump in the night, and this episode brings to light how much he does for the boys, as well as other hunters. While this episode has some comedy, what really makes it work is Bobby’s willingness to help others, even when he gets nothing in return. Many fans would say Bobby’s character left Supernatural too soon, even though he was a series regular for seven seasons.

The French Mistake

“The French Mistake” is unmistakably great. BlazinAsianNation agrees with many other Redditors when it comes to this episode, as they state that “watching them act like they’re bad actors is gold.”


This season 13 episode is by far one of the most ambitious Supernatural ever aired. UliferAteMyCat says that “Scoobynatural” “was always a gem in my opinion.”

This episode uses a mix of live-action and animation to bring to life a crossover episode with Scooby-Doo that was unexpectedly funny and just a little bit scary. While nothing revolutionary happens in this story, the running gags and monster of the week make this episode refreshing, which is a tall order for a show with hundreds of episodes.

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