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Grey’s Anatomy: 5 Unpopular Opinions About Callie

Grey’s Anatomy’s Callie was loved by many, but not everyone found her inspiring. These are just a few of the unpopular Reddit opinions about her.

Callie Torres is loved by many, but there are Grey’s Anatomy fans out there who have some unconventional ideas and a few unpopular opinions about this empowering ortho Chief. Callie might have been an inspiring figure in many ways.

Callie had storylines that brought out the dynamic parts of her character, especially when it came to her self-exploration. Generally accepted as a strong female character, there are some opinions about her that aren’t that flattering, or go against the majority.

5 Callie & Bailey Were Fun

In a fun but unpopular opinion, Redditor annalanay suggests that Callie and Bailey are an overlooked pair who often helped each other out. The user even calls their relationship, “One of the most hilarious and also heart-warming scenes in Grey’s.” The way these two unconventional women encouraged one another was iconic, yet underrated.

But Callie and Bailey are only ever mentioned when discussing Bailey’s pettiness regarding the whole Chief Resident incident when Callie was chosen over Bailey and the latter took every opportunity to demean her. Their camaraderie doesn’t get as much popular attention and isn’t rated as one of the more fun friendships on the show, thus making this user’s perspective quite unpopular.

4 Calzona Never Worked

A thoroughly unpopular opinion, Reddit user mercy_death comments that Callie and Arizona were a dreadful couple who never really worked. The fan states that “Callie is life’s eternal victim.” What they mean here is that she perpetually played the victim card ever since the arc involving Arizona moving to Africa, which ended up hurting their relationship.

But seeing how Calzona was one of the most beloved couples on the show, this is definitely one against the trend. Of course, Callie and Arizona had a journey that was far from smooth, but they were one of the couples on Grey’s Anatomy who should never have worked, but did. Fans were deeply disappointed when life dealt such raw deals to this lovely couple.

4 She Made Everything About Herself

Redditor redbenoit has a bone to pick with Callie for what they see as her perpetual selfishness: “Callie acts as though she was on that plane,” the user points out, noting that she somehow behaved as if the plane crash had affected her the worst when she had, after all, not even been on the plane.

Yet, this is yet another opinion that goes against the grain since Callie was loved for having an admirable side to her character. She was smart and independent, determined, and one of the few characters on the show who exuded body positivity. Sure, she wasn’t perfect, but the general idea is that her strength far surpassed any chinks in her character. And although she wasn’t on the plane, the crash did affect her as Mark (her best friend) died, while she also looked after Arizona and their daughter while Arizona recovered.

2 Callie Was Rude To Erica

Fans have hated the stoic Erica Hahn for decades with a sort of frenzied determination. Yet, in probably one of the most unpopular opinions about Callie Torres, twirlingparasol states that Callie could have behaved better, especially during that beautiful coming-out speech after Erica discovers her true sexual orientation. The way Callie made her uncomfortable, “was just freaking sad,” says the Redditor.

But what this user believes is highly controversial, as Hahn is disliked for being obnoxious to Cristina Yang, and more importantly for leaving Callie without any intimation. More importantly, it is difficult to pass judgment on Callie’s behavior since she too was only just discovering a new side to her and didn’t mean to hurt Erica on purpose.

1 Callie & Owen Shippers

A very unpopular opinion from trashpup suggests that Callie should have ended up with Owen Hunt. According to them, one of the reasons they would have made an ideal couple was that “they both want big families and have/had partners who didn’t or were hesitant.”

While this is controversial, Owen and Callie were definitely similar in more ways than one. They also both had partners who were involved in the plane crash and were similarly controlling in their relationships. Fans might recall that Callie and Owen were shown as a couple in season 8’s alternate universe episode, “If/Then,” complete with kids. This probably means that writers did think along similar lines, if only for an episode.

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