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Grey’s Anatomy: 5 Things You May Not Have Known About Winston Ndugu

In Grey’s Anatomy, cardiothoracic surgeon Winston Ndugu has plenty of great storylines. However, some details about him haven’t been so obvious.

Winston Ndugu—one of the current cardiothoracic surgeons at Seattle’s Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in Grey’s Anatomy—has had some great character arcs ever since he was introduced in Season 16. These include his flawless relationship with his former tutor Maggie Pierce and his dilemma about which city to live in.

Like most of the show’s fan-favorite characters, Winston’s tale has unfolded in a manner that’s easy for most viewers to digest. However, the fluid narrative hasn’t prevented some little details from camouflaging themselves. After all, there’s always a lot going on in the medical drama and for that reason, it’s always easy to miss a thing or two.

He Has Playlists For Each Time Of The Day

Right before he announces he is going back to Boston, Maggie joins Winston as he is listening to music and the two discuss various issues. Maggie compliments him on his good taste he music but he states that that’s just his morning playlist. He assures her that she’ll be more impressed with the other playlists.

Every character in the medical drama has a daily routine that they enjoy. For some, it’s exercising while for others, it’s the little things such as preparing kids for school. Others love nothing but their work. But for Winston, music is what nourishes his soul. Taking time to create playlists rather than just listen to whatever’s playing on the radio says a lot about his attention to detail.

His Relationship With His Family

Winston hates his father so much that he logged out of a video call with him. He has also confessed that he loved his late mother so much that he adopted a “carpe diem” mentality when she died. But on the show, he is very close to his grandmother Antoinette, suggesting that she is the person he has always loved the most.

The sad part about Winston’s relationship with his father is that except for the gambling addiction, it’s never revealed what made them fall out. As for his mother’s situation, the “carpe diem” mentality has served him well, as he has been able to take more risks. Even Maggie admits that the old Winston would never have seduced her as charmingly as he did at the conference. His grandmother’s influence has made him make more sensible decisions since she’s the one that made him realize that shutting his friends out of his wedding was a mistake.

He Is The Only Doctor On The Show To Not Have A Feud

Heated arguments are common in the ABC medical drama. Even friends clash on a frequent basis. However, Winston has been peaceful ever since he was introduced.

Since he has only been around for three seasons, there is still time for him to throw around shady burns or react in anger. Nevertheless, viewers wouldn’t bet on that happening since Winston isn’t confrontational. He would rather walk away or let someone win than keep a feud alive.

He Always Hoped To Meet Maggie At The Conferences

Winston once confesses that he attended that LA Surgical Innovation Conference every year hoping to meet Maggie but she never showed up. She only showed up the third time he attended.

Winston’s persistence shows just how hopeful he is as a person. By attending the conference every year, he also makes it clear that he is a very dedicated lover. Once he has feelings for someone, they never fade. Such a persona is what has made him a great partner to Maggie so far.

His Employee Details

Details seen on Winston’s file when he gets hired full-time at Grey Sloan are his badge number and work email address. His employee number was seen as 9654 while his work email address was

Most of the time, the only employee detail that fans get to have a glimpse of is the badge number. This is because numbers get displayed on the lab coats on a couple of occasions. In Winston’s case, there is no visible number on his lab coat hence eagle-eyed viewers can count themselves lucky for spotting it on the file.

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