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The Vampire Diaries: 5 Ways Stefan Was Actually A Great Boyfriend

Stefan Salvatore was often seen as the best boyfriend in The Vampire Diaries but he also did plenty of things that made him one of the not very best.

Stefan Salvatore was often the perfect boyfriend to Elena in The Vampire Diaries. He went out of his way to show her that she was loved and did whatever it took to keep her safe. It’s easy to see why so many viewers are Team Stefan and were disappointed by the outcome of The Vampire Diaries’ controversial love triangle.

He Respected Elena’s Decisions

Although the show is over, the Stelena vs. Delena debate will likely never die. There are reasons to be in both camps, but when it comes to respecting Elena’s independence, Stefan is the better choice. Damon loved Elena selfishly and would go against her wishes to ensure the outcome he wanted.

Alternatively, Stefan understood that just because he had the power to force Elena’s hand, it didn’t mean he had the right to. When she begged Stefan to save Matt over herself, Elena was asking him to make the ultimate sacrifice. Respecting Elena’s decision meant losing her, but Stefan couldn’t bring himself to take away her free will.

He Put His Partner’s Needs Over His Own

No matter who he was with, Stefan’s needs were always secondary to his partner’s. Whether it was something as simple as letting them plan a date or major like trading his life for theirs, Stefan always put his love interests above himself.

In fact, this isn’t only applicable to people he dated. Stefan is an inherently selfless character who would give a stranger the shirt off his back. Even after everything she did to him, Stefan stayed with Katherine while she was dying, and he was the only character who offered her love and forgiveness.

He Always Made Romantic Gestures Towards Elena

In contrast to how he acted with Caroline, Stefan was a hopeless romantic with Elena. His gestures were both big and small, and the normalcy of it made Stefan and Elena the most relatable couple in The Vampire Diaries.

Stefan flew Elena to the top of the Ferris Wheel for a kiss, took her for a hike to watch the sunset, and would show up at her house with flowers. He also knew Elena couldn’t cook, and commonly made elaborate dinners for the two of them.

He Died Saving Katherine

Katherine is one of Stefan’s best love interests, despite everything that happened between them. She was just a few choices away from earning her redemption, and there were times when it seemed as though Stefan was falling for Katherine all over again.

The characters put themselves in dangerous situations every day, yet their supernatural healing made things less risky. Stefan was human and vulnerable when he and Damon tried to save Katherine in 1864, showing that he was just as brave without his abilities. He was unaware that Katherine was feeding him her blood and never expected to come back as a vampire.

He Cared About Emotional Repercussions

One of the main differences between the brothers is that Stefan understood that emotional well-being was just as important as physical. Damon was willing to put Elena through the wringer if it meant keeping her alive, and thought that Stefan was too busy worrying about collateral damage.

Life is about a lot more than surviving, and Stefan was determined to make sure Elena lived her’s to the fullest. Rather than choosing the quick and brutal way out, he always tried to find a solution that spared her from any unnecessary suffering.

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