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Supernatural: 5 Best Songs Featured On The Show

Supernatural made the use of songs to emphasize both happy and sad moments for Sam and Dean, but which of these tracks were the best of the bunch?

The CW’s Supernatural utilized more than one way to get fans invested in it, with music being a highly vital component in the show’s presentation. Sam and Dean Winchester were shown to be music buffs and frequently listened to classic songs while traveling across the country in their Chevy Impala.

On other occasions, the show embedded the songs into the plot itself, so that they were associated with either the characters or thematic qualities of the series. Overall, there were some songs that did the job better than others, and these are worth listening to over and again to pay tribute to Supernatural’s 15-year run.

5 Heat Of The Moment (Asia)

The signature song of the band Asia was played so many times on Supernatural that fans will likely have memorized the opening portion of it. It signaled the beginning of a new cycle in Sam’s endless day, with Dean singing along to it each time.

It’s a good way to start the day, though, as the track has an uplifting aspect about it that doesn’t compromise how catchy it is as well. As Dean showed, “Heat of the Moment” can very well be a headbanger if the listener is as invested in it as he was.

4 Eye Of The Tiger (Survivor)

Supernatural fans won’t ever forget this song, as it represents the comedic potential of Dean Winchester’s character. Although “Eye of the Tiger” is a classic that has been used in many forms of media, it can be seen as Dean’s theme song in many ways.

Chief among them is the fact that he did an impromptu performance of the song on the Impala, which is one of the iconic scenes from the show. On its own, the track is the way to go if fans want to hype themselves up due its hook.

3 Brother In My Arms (Dire Straits)

An instant tearjerker if there ever is one, “Brother in Arms” brought millions of Supernatural viewers to tears when it played during Sam’s grieving phase after Dean’s demise. The music has a slow build that rises by its end to fully encapsulate the listener in the intended melancholy.

The lyrics to this track perfectly sum up Sam’s depression at losing his brother, as he wandered the bunker endlessly, remembering the memories he shared with Dean. The song has an evergreen quality that will make listeners feel just as sad, no matter how much time passes.

2 Americana (Jay Gruska & Christopher Lennertz)

This is part of the original soundtrack of the series and usually played out during the saddest scenes in Supernatural. It was almost always heard at the end of an episode when something significant happened as a way to highlight the poignancy of the situation.

Fittingly, it was the last piece of music played on the show when Sam and Dean entered Heaven, this time carrying a happy sentiment with it. The soft composition of the track makes it great for Supernatural fans to feel the emotional quality the series brings with it.

1 Carry On Wayward Son (Kansas)

The unofficial theme song of the series is the one that fans associate with Supernatural overall. Having played out in just about every season finale, the track is also notable for its lyrics that can point toward the Heaven and Hell concept of the show.

All in all, this is the song that will always remain in the hearts of the Supernatural fanbase, with the series itself paying tribute to it by showing Sam and Dean’s final moments with a slower rendition by the Neoni sisters. From high points that provide thrills for the listener to slower moments intended for emotional depth, “Carry on Wayward Son” is easily the show’s greatest use of music.

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