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The Vampire Diaries: 5 Times Damon Was Defeated Easily)

Damon Salvatore is strong, but he often fails on The Vampire Diaries. At times he defeated too easily.

Damon’s character changes over time, but his passion never does. His methods often get him into trouble that is difficult to get out of. At the end of the series, Damon finds a happy existence. But there are times where his plans don’t work out. At times he is defeated far too easily.

5 Succumbs To A Werewolf Bite

The subject of werewolves had been a mystery to Damon for some time. Having never encountered one in his years as a vampire, it was difficult for him to believe that the Lockwoods were a family of werewolves. It is only when he sees the evidence with his own eyes that he believes it.

Despite Damon’s doubts, it doesn’t stop Tyler from biting him during a full moon. Damon knows the consequences and hides the bite from Stefan. He is sure that the bite will be fatal since he watched Rose die from one. Damon makes no moves to attempt to cure himself. Guilty because of torturing and killing Mason Lockwood, one of The Vampire Diaries’ best family members, he becomes resigned to his fate that he will die a gruesome and painful death.

4 Taken Down By The Sheriff’s Department

During the tenure of The Vampire Diaries, Damon becomes more empathetic to people. He infiltrates the town council at first to get inside information on what they know about vampires. Damon never suspects that he would become friends with Sheriff Liz Forbes, but this friendship makes Damon vulnerable to attack.

During his battle of wits with Mason Lockwood, Mason devises a plan to reveal Damon’s true nature. He doses Damon’s lemonade with vervain. Liz sees Damon affected by the vervain and takes advantage of his lowered defenses. The sheriff’s department shoots him and Stefan with wooden bullets. Their only saving grace is Caroline, who rescues them.

3 Accepts The Prison World

One of the last people Damon would have wanted to spend eternity with was Bonnie Bennett. Both Damon and Bonnie find themselves stuck in a prison world after the supernatural limbo is destroyed. They have no idea where they would go, but it is the moment that Bonnie and Damon become best friends.

Damon tolerates Bonnie for most of the series, but once the other side collapses, he accepts that his life will end with Bonnie by his side. Instead, they are trapped in a prison world in the 1990s. Even though Bonnie and Damon annoy each other, Damon accepts the fact that this seems to be his life from now on.

2 Put In The Phoenix Stone

Usually, Damon’s decisions have a ripple effect that causes consequences for everyone around him. For once, it is Stefan who causes issues for Damon. Furious that Julian caused Valerie to miscarry their child, Stefan decides to go against him. Stefan kidnaps Mary Louise to get back at Julian. Julian’s impulsive nature causes him to take it out on Damon.

Julian stabs Damon with the Phoenix Sword, absorbing Damon into the stone. The Phoenix Stone was designed specifically to imprison vampire souls. Damon experiences a specific hell, making him live out his worst experiences.

1 Damon Agrees To Help Cade

In the last season, Damon is brainwashed into helping Sybil collect souls for hell. She uses her psychic powers on him for her gain. Damon is a pawn in her game and ultimately, he becomes trapped. Both Sybil and Seline want to be free of gathering souls for Cade. Seline devises a plan where she will use Alaric’s daughters to take their place in Cade’s kingdom.

Having regained his humanity, Damon offers a counter deal. Even though it means he would be gathering souls for Cade for eternity, he accepted this defeat. He can’t allow Alaric’s daughters to be sacrificed.

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