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The 5 Best “Mc” Labels In Grey’s Anatomy

The doctors of Grey’s Anatomy have high-pressure jobs and tumultuous love lives. To cut tension, they use the hilarious “Mc” nicknames that fans love.

Ever since an intern referred to George’s patient as McBurney in the series premiere, the good doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital have made a habit of adding “Mc” to words and sentences. The lingo is intriguing as it normally brings some sense of humor to serious or gloomy situations.

The most commonly used “Mc” labels on the show are McDreamy and McSteamy, referring to Derek Shepherd and Mark Sloan, respectively. However, the use of those “Mc” labels has been minimal ever since both characters were killed off. Luckily, there are plenty of other McSomethings in Grey’s Anatomy.

5 McFrickin’ Code of Silence

Callie isn’t too happy after finding out that Meredith told George that Callie slept with Mark Sloan. She confronts Meredith in the changing room and calls her out for not keeping the McFrickin’ Code of Silence.

Callie is right to be angry. She reminds Meredith that she witnessed her having sex with Derek and chose to keep quiet about it. She also pulled Meredith’s undergarments from the bulletin board to save her from embarrassment. Given how much Callie had covered for Meredith, the favor ought to have been returned.

4 McDreary

The question “what if?” is asked in Season 8’s “If/Then.” In the episode, an alternate reality world is explored, in which Derek is McDreary instead of McDreamy. He is still married to Addison and is unaware of her affair with Mark.

Meredith, on the other hand, is engaged to Alex. Her mother Ellis Grey is still alive and married to Richard Webber. She is also the head of the hospital. What’s worse is that McDreary is less successful. He lacks the drive that Derek has and isn’t as loved. McDreary indeed.

3 McSteamy

When Mark Sloan first comes to the hospital, everyone is intrigued by him. George, Cristina, Alex, and Izzie begin gossiping about him as they watch him suturing his own face. George asks if that’s the guy Addison was cheating with and everyone agrees that she can’t really be blamed because Mark is too good-looking.

Meredith joins them and the group tries to figure out a nickname for Mark. After ruling out “McSexy” and “McYummy,” they settle on McSteamy. The name sticks for the remainder of Mark’s time on the series.

2 McHot

During a conversation with George and Alex, Cristina begins wondering why Derek and Mark are so intrigued by Addison. She can’t understand what they see in her. Alex bluntly tells her that Addison is McHot. George agrees.

But as attractive as Addison is, Derek makes the right decision for ultimately choosing Meredith. Addison’s infidelity incident had broken him and their marriage was clearly over.

1 McVet

Meredith finds herself in a dilemma when the veterinarian Finn Dandridge begins hitting on her. Meredith first meets Finn when her dog becomes sick.

The Grey’s Anatomy protagonist finds herself in a dilemma because she likes both Finn and Derek. She asks Cristina for advice about McVet and Cristina advises her against dating him because she doesn’t like vets. When Derek finds out about Finn, he breaks up with Meredith. Meredith then realizes she wants to be with Derek and breaks off with Finn.

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