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Harry Potter: One Quote From Each Character That Perfectly Sums Up Their Personality

Each main Harry Potter character has at least one truly wonderful and memorable quote that perfectly sums up the character’s personality.

The Harry Potter saga has so many iconic elements that keep it relevant and beloved in the pop culture zeitgeist, including a slew of brilliant quotes and lines that Potterheads will never forget. Each main character in the saga has at least one truly wonderful and memorable quote that perfectly sums up the character’s personality.

Whether it perfectly showcases their inner feelings, exemplifies their outlook on the world, or is even a vocal representation of what their life has been up to that point, the main characters of the Wizarding World have lines that are just so typically them.

“Well It May Have Escaped Your Notice, But Life Isn’t Fair.” – Severus Snape

Arguably the most complex and most well-written character in all of Harry Potter is also one of its most controversial in Severus Snape, whose life can be summed up by this quip at Harry, delivered in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Life for Snape was never fair. He was bullied, an outcast, and was in love with a girl who never felt the same way. There is then everything going on with him being a double-agent and thrust into doing things he did not want to do. To many, Snape is a hero, but to him, his life was full of suffering.

“There Is No Good Or Evil. There Is Only Power, And Those Too Weak To Seek It.” – Voldemort

Many quotes related to power to pure-blood-superiority to wanting to kill Harry and rule the Wizarding World pretty much sum up what Voldemort is, including this line from when he resided on the back of Quirrell’s head in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Power was pretty much everything to Voldemort, and his relentlessness in seeking it out is highlighted in his neverending efforts to find physical form and destroy Harry. To Voldemort, morals do not matter, only power.

“The Truth Is A Terrible And Beautiful Thing And Therefore Should Be Treated With Caution.” – Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore is a treasure trove of quirky, wise, and great quotes, many of which exemplify what he is all about. Arguably none do more so in the films than this line, though, which he said in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

As fans later find out, Dumbledore has a loose relationship with the truth in that he hides a lot from the likes of Harry and even keeps Snape in the dark about many things. Due to this, many question Dumbledore’s status as a hero. But there is no doubt that he was cautious with the truth and understood its many implications throughout the saga.

“Harry, It’s You That Has To Go On, I Know It. Not Me. Not Hermione. You.” – Ron Weasley

Movie Ron and book Ron are pretty different people, but core traits such as bravery, loyalty to his friends, and jealousy are prominent in both, and this quote from the famous chess scene, also in Philosopher’s Stone, is one of a good few that exemplify these traits.

Ron understands he is not the hero to go and face off against the big bad (thought to be Snape), but he did know his role was to protect Harry and Hermione, something he was more than happy to do. Ron’s intelligence is often overlooked, especially due to his immaturity, but his mature side comes out in this scene, and it proves how good of a friend he is to Harry and Hermione and how much he values them both.

“Now If You Two Don’t Mind, I’m Going To Bed Before Either Of You Come Up With Another Clever Idea To Get Us Killed, Or Worse, Expelled.” – Hermione Granger

Most characters most iconic quotes do not necessarily sum up the character. For Hermione, though, that is the case, especially for films 1-5 Hermione, who did not have to focus solely on destroying Voldemort with Harry.

Hermione’s bossiness towards Ron and Harry, as well as her priorities of education, are on full display as she scolds the boys here in the first film. It is one of the saga’s most iconic lines, and while Hermione may have better quotes and more emotional ones, it showcases her early bluntness and even perhaps a lesser emotional intelligence than her book-smarts.

“Even Though We’ve Got A Fight Ahead Of Us, We’ve Got One Thing Voldemort Doesn’t Have, Something Worth Fighting For.” – Harry Potter

The Golden Trio has many lines throughout the eight movies that are great representations of the characters, but this, at the end of Order Of The Phoenix, is one of the best for Harry.

It highlights the immense difference between Harry and Voldemort, showcasing not only Harry’s bravery and willingness to fight but his purpose for doing so — for fighting for good — both for and with his friends. Harry was not fighting just to be the hero or for something black and white, such as power, like Voldemort — Harry fought for a purpose.

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