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The One Thing Melissa Benoist Won’t Miss About Supergirl

While on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Supergirl star Melissa Benoist reveals the one thing that she will not miss about the series when it is over.

With Supergirl coming to a close after this season, there is something star Melissa Benoist will not miss: flying. The long-running series has been a fan favorite since its debut, and the ending will undoubtedly be bittersweet for everyone involved. But for Benoist at least, the end will also come with some relief.

Supergirl originally premiered on the CBS network back in 2015, though a lot of the creatives were the same as other CW Arrowverse series on the air at the time. Starting with season 2, the show moved to The CW and began to integrate into the Arrowverse proper through a number of creative crossovers, even while Benoist and company continued their own adventures. Supergirl remained a central figure, and one of the primary heroes in the Arrowverse even after Superman was introduced and continues to be so throughout her final season.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live (via The Wrap), Benoist recently discussed the one thing that she would not miss about Supergirl. Namely, flying. “I have to say, I don’t know if I’ll miss flying. Because it hurt my body so much!” the actress stated. When Kimmel asked if the technology had improved at all over the years, Benoist replied: “I don’t think so. I think — someone told me, I think it’s been the same since Christopher Reeves did it. Just wires and like, a harness that’s like a diaper and doing [the pose].”

Flying is one of the superpowers that both Supergirl and Superman are most known for, so it’s impossible to do any kind of live-action adaptation without showing them up in the sky. The fascinating part is her explanation that she was still performing the stunt work for flying the same way they did back in the 1970s for the Superman movies. It shows the effort that went into creating an effect that looks as realistic as possible for Supergirl, namely having Benoist herself do the motions instead of just having a CG Supergirl on screen. Especially if they knew it was uncomfortable for their star actress.

With Supergirl ending this season, fans are unlikely to see Benoist take to the skies anytime soon. However, the spin-off series, Superman and Lois, has just started its run, and it will be interesting to hear how Tyler Hoechlin is taking to the flying work. With a budget that is rumored to be bigger than its predecessor, there is a chance they might have improved upon the wires and harness for Hoechlin. But if the effect still works, they might just continue on the same as before. Either way, it is nice for fans to know the effort and dedication the actors on these shows put in to bring these larger-than-life heroes to the small screen.

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