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Grey’s Anatomy: The 5 Most Annoying Things Cristina Ever Did

Cristina Yang was probably more annoying on Grey’s Anatomy than she was sweet. But fans adored her and for good reason.

Cristina Yang was one of the most promising residents out of all the original Grey’s Anatomy interns, but she wasn’t the easiest person to deal with. Often selfish and aggressively competitive, Cristina had terrible bedside manners that didn’t go down well with patients. She was also rude and tended to treat people with disdain, which fans often found frustrating.

5 Her Conflict With Meredith

Throughout season 10, which was the last season that Cristina appeared in, her conflict with Meredith annoyed fans no end. It seemed as if the writers had run out of plotlines for the character and pitched her in a competition with her ‘person’ that didn’t make much sense at all.

In one of the biggest misunderstandings in Grey’s Anatomy, Cristina was judgemental of Meredith for not logging enough surgery hours and taking more personal time after having Bailey (Meredith’s newborn baby). She went as far as to throw her out of surgeries and also used Meredith’s 3D printer for her own research without permission, which further polarized fans. Although from her perspective, she might have been doing the right thing all along, the fight wore audiences out.

4 Her Bizarre Relationship With Shane Ross

In season 10, Yang engaged in a meaningless relationship with the intern, Shane, with many fans considering it one of the most bizarre and frustrating storylines in the series.

Initially, Cristina and Shane managed to keep their personal and professional lives separate. However, fans grew extremely frustrated when Cristina didn’t condemn Shane for disrespecting his superiors, particularly Meredith, and allowing him to speak out of turn. It just felt out of character for Cristina, as she certainly didn’t allow an intern or resident to overstep their boundaries in the previous seasons.

3 Her Confused Off & On Relationship With Owen

Owen and Cristina were one of the primary lead couples on the show for the longest time but turned out, it became way too long. Fans of Grey’s Anatomy eventually started to wonder if Owen and Cristina’s relationship made any sense at all.

While they initially had a passionate love story, it soon became clear that Cristina and Owen wanted very different things in life. Owen wanted kids and a family, and has been criticized as a character for pushing Cristina to want the same things. They kept breaking up and getting back together again so much so that Owen slept with Cristina while he was still dating the Seattle Presbyterian surgeon Emma Marling. Yang was fully aware of his relationship with Emma at the time, so the way she held on to him, even after the divorce, was simply frustrating.

2 Undermining Anyone She Considered Weaker Than Herself

Yet another annoying thing that Cristina often did was the way she undermined those she considered weaker or more vulnerable than herself. As one of the strongest interns, she demeaned others, like George, calling him ‘Bambi,’ which hardly boosted his confidence.

Cristina was also mean to April, who was another person who wasn’t always able to stand up for herself. Last but not the least, she treated her subordinates with disdain, referring to the new lot of first-year interns by numbers instead of their names, which was humiliating to say the least. As someone who aspired to be taken very seriously as a surgeon, she should have ideally been a bit more civil to others.

1 Her Behavior With Lexie

Lexie Grey managed to provoke Meredith’s ire when she first joined Seattle Grace. Meredith failed to accept her as her half-sister for the longest time and was quite mean and hurtful to her.

Cristina had initially been as rude to her as Meredith herself. She was being loyal to the latter by not being civil to Lexie, but fans found her behavior annoying as they had already started adoring Little Grey. Lexie seemed sweet and gentle and Cristina’s meanness towards her seemed unwarranted. Although she did mentor her later on, Yang should not have made her feel as if she didn’t belong there.

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