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The Vampire Diaries: 5 Times Damon Was Overpowered In The Series

For eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries, Damon Salvatore was as liked as much as he was hated. Initially introduced as a villain, he became the brother who would accomplish his goals by any means necessary. At first, his goals are selfish. But soon he comes to accept Stefan as his brother and the town that they call home.

Damon’s character changes over time, but his passion never does. His methods often get him into trouble that is difficult to get out of. At the end of the series, Damon finds a happy existence.

5 Katherine’s Return

When it comes to Katherine Pierce, Damon is often powerless. She is the reason he became a vampire in 1864. He was desperate to follow her into vampirism. Katherine’s pull was so strong that he waited almost a century and a half to free her. But Damon realizes the devastating truth when Katherine returns at the end of season one.

Katherine impersonates Elena and kisses Damon, just to toy with him. He realizes that she could have come back any time but chose not to, and Damon accepts that Katherine never loved him like he loved her. And even after he realizes it, it is difficult not to fall for her manipulations.

4 Stefan Doses Him With Vervain

In season one Damon is at his worst. He starts dating Caroline, even though he really doesn’t care about her. His only obsession is getting Katherine from the tomb – even though she isn’t there. Elena becomes concerned about Damon’s relationship with Caroline after she sees bite marks on her that Caroline can’t explain.

Stefan agrees that Damon has gone too far and he must imprison his brother for his own good. Damon is notoriously crafty and was aware of any attempts from Stefan to get the upper hand. But Stefan doses Caroline’s champagne with vervain, counting on the fact that Damon would drink from her. The vervain in Caroline’s blood weakens Damon so Stefan can lock him in the cellar of the Salvatore boarding house.

3 The Gilbert Device

The town council of Mystic Falls has a long history. Each representative on the council is part of the Founding Families, and each one knows about vampires. This proves to be a problem when John Gilbert returns, intent on ridding the town of vampires. The Gilbert family has an artifact that emits a sound that incapacitates supernatural creatures because of its frequency.

While at Founder’s Day, the town council is able to take out the tomb vampires because of the Gilbert device. But Damon is also within the frequency range and feels the pain that the rest of the vampires did. This allows the council to dose him with vervain and leave him to die in a fire. He would have perished if Stefan hadn’t saved him.

2 Falls Victim To Sybil

The last season promised audiences they would see the worst villain they had ever witnessed. Both Enzo and Damon had been taken by a mysterious entity and it is unclear if they would ever return to their loved ones. Instead of a horrifying monster, the villain turns out to be Sybil. Beautiful as she is charming, Sybil is a siren who has been serving Hell for thousands of years.

Both Damon and Enzo cannot resist her. Sybil’s siren song makes it impossible to refuse her. She is psychic and is able to overwrite Damon’s memory of Elena, making him think that he loved Sybil all along.

1 Stefan Doesn’t Let Damon Sacrifice Himself

Stefan and Damon often fight over who gets to sacrifice themselves. In the ultimate showdown with Katherine, Stefan finally wins. Having turned back into a human, Stefan realizes he ironically has no future. Caroline is a vampire and he can never be with her as a human. He thinks that the only way to make his life meaningful is to sacrifice himself to save Mystic Falls.

But, Damon already had that idea. He compels Stefan to leave the radius of the hellfire. Damon plans on banishing Katherine to hell for good, even though it means he would die too. Stefan was not about to let that happen, as Stefan wants Damon to live a happy life. Instead, Stefan vervains Damon so he can take his brother’s place in the hellfire, a noble gesture. Though, some unpopular opinions about Damon argue that he should have been the one sacrificed.

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