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Supernatural: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sister Jo

Supernatural’s Sister Jo has some arcs towards the end of the series. However, a couple of details about her might not be common knowledge.
Supernatural has no shortage of great minor characters and one of them is Sister Jo. Formed after Angel Anael’s bodily merger with a human, Sister Jo has gone on to be one of the world’s most sought-after healers. Some of her best character arcs have involved her being in a dispute with Lucifer and helping out the hunter Sam Winchester.

The smooth-flowing narrative of the show has allowed viewers to fully understand most things concerning even minor characters like Sister Jo. However, a couple of things aren’t made obvious throw simple viewing. These details include specific aspects of the character as well as behind-the-scenes facts.

5 Total Ailments She Has Healed

During her career as a Healer on Earth, Sister Jo has cured a woman’s terminal illness, restored a man’s sight, and cleared up scar tissue from an injury with a single touch. She also manages to cure herself of injuries inflicted by Lucifer.

Limited time is the only reason Sister Jo doesn’t rid the Earth of all the illnesses completely. Sister Jo’s business acumen becomes evident through her use of this ability. As an angel, she can afford to simply heal for free but she chooses to charge people for it. The other reason she does this is that she wants to fit in with the humans rather than be viewed as special

4 Her Nicknames And Aliases

Sister Jo has earned herself two nicknames during her time on the show. In season 13, Dean christens her “Satan’s Gal Pal” as he is out looking for Lucifer and learns he is with Sister Jo. Lucifer also labels her “First Lady of Heaven” when she complains about his reluctance to improve the state of the world.

Though Jo’s close ties to Lucifer concern the hunters, she isn’t focused on doing evil. She strongly believes that Lucifer will do the right thing but it isn’t in his nature to go that route. She genuinely tries to change the state of heaven when she becomes Lucifer’s second-in-command. However, the poor partnership between the two ruins all the chances of that ever happening.

3 The Character Was Written For Ackles

It’s hard to imagine the show without Sister Jo but she wasn’t originally on the script. According to Entertainment Weekly, the character was written in an impromptu manner by executive producer Eugenie Ross-Leming with Ackles in mind as the perfect person for the role.

Prior to appearing on Supernatural, Ackles had taken a step back from acting. It had been four years since the actress had appeared in any production. Her impressive performances proved that she didn’t struggle, despite the lengthy stay away from the industry. Hopefully, fans will get to see her in many more productions.

2 The Character Is Also Part Of Jewish Lore

Anael, the actual angel that uses Sister Jo as a vessel, is part of Jewish lore too. There, her name is pronounced as Haniel and she is an archangel from heaven.

In Jewish lore, Haniel is described as the ‘Angel Of Joy” and this manifests itself on the show where Sister Jo dreams of a happy world with very minimal suffering.

1 The Number Of Appearances Made

Sister Jo is mentioned a lot later in Supernatural and is in a couple of great story arcs. However, she has only appeared in a total of 5 episodes of the show.

Danneel Harris-Ackles wasn’t given a long-term contract, hence the reason for her limited appearances. Nevertheless, every scene that her character is in feels wholesome and essential to the story. The depth of Sister Jo’s background story is also deep, compared to other minor characters on the show.

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